Herma’s Gift Registry

We offer a wide selection of beautiful and fine merchandise well suited to any newlywed couple’s needs and desires. You will find unique gifts that reflect your personal style and taste, and you will also discover the essential day-to-day household items like tableware, kitchen tools, wine glasses, cutlery, and so on.

Herma’s top product lines

Tableware : Emile HenryPortmerrion
StemwareChef and SommelierLa Rochere
Kitchen ToolsCuisiproOXO Good Grips,  Kitchen GripsBrowne Wooden Utensils
Salt & Pepper MillsPeugeotCole & Mason
Timers and Thermometers: CDN 

The product lines available at Herma’s Fine Foods and Gifts were chosen for their commitment to quality, and while affordable, are top-of-the-line. The tableware and stemware are very elegant, and the kitchenware are aesthetically pleasing, but primarily chosen for their functionality. We are sure that as you research these products through this website, you will value and admire these lovely products as much as we do.

Below are some features we offer that make gift-giving easier for you and your family and friends:

Gift-certificates may be picked up at the store or mailed to your out-of-town family and friends.

Delivery of gifts is available at minimal charge. This allows out-of-town guests the convenience of calling the store and having their gift sent directly to you.

Gift-wrapping at no extra charge. Herma’s famous gift-wrapping shows that your family and friends got your gifts with love and enables them to give their gifts with pride.

Bridal Basket – Special baskets created in the store that may include high-class utensils, measuring cups, and more…wait and be surprised. May vary in size, contents, and price.

Just stop by or call 905-885-9250 for an appointment. Gift items chosen will be posted on our website for family and friends to view.

Items will be removed from your list as they are purchased.

On behalf of Herma’s Fine Foods and Gifts, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. We hope all your dreams come true and that you find much happiness with your new partner-in-life.