Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills

Peugeot had started making coffee and pepper mills even before it started making cars. Peugeot brothers initially used their family mills to manufacture steel and steel related products like sewing machines, saw blades, tools and bicycles. It was not until the end of the 19th century that they started manufacturing cars.

The first Peugeot pepper mill was said to be designed in the year 1842 by one of the company designers. However, the mill designed was only suitable for milling peppercorns and not for any other purpose. Peugeot pepper mill which was created in 1842 was able to ground pepper according to the requirement of the user.

Today, Peugeot pepper mill is considered to be the best pepper mill in the world. The biggest benefit for consumers buying Peugeot pepper mill is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Peugeot pepper mill is made using the highest quality material that provides perfect grinding solution. Peugeot pepper mill is the preferred choice of most leading chefs because of the quality of the pepper mill and its grading consistency.

Most Peugeot pepper mills come from Besancon which is in the South-Western region of France. Peugeot pepper mill has helix-shaped teeth which hold the peppercorn when they are grinded. The peppercorns which are put in Peugeot pepper mill is first cracked into half before the grinding process begins. The mechanism which grinds the peppercorns is made from hardened steel which ensures long-lasting performance of the Peugeot pepper mill. The technology used to make the grinding mechanism of the Peugeot pepper mill is the same technology that is used to make ball bearing.

The mechanism which grinds the peppercorn in the Peugeot pepper mill has two sections which help in channeling and grinding the peppercorn. The first section of the Peugeot pepper mill helps in channeling and cracking the peppercorn. The second section of the Peugeot pepper mill helps in grinding the grooves. The second section of the Peugeot pepper mill can be adjusted to get the desired level of finesses.

The raw materials used to make Peugeot pepper mill is of superior quality which allows the company to give lifetime guarantee on their pepper mill. However, the company cannot be held responsible if the pepper mill is misused or is accidentally damaged by the consumer. Some people do the mistake of using Peugeot pepper mill to grind salt which can damage the product. The lifetime guarantee of the Peugeot pepper mill excludes the normal wear and tear of the pepper mill.

For grinding salt you can use Peugeot salt mill and not Peugeot pepper mill. The mechanism of Peugeot salt mill is made from stainless steel which is known for its resistance to corrosion. Peugeot salt mill can help you grind sea or rock salt which can be grinded to the desired level of fitness with the help of a button.

So next time you go out shopping for Peugeot pepper mill check for the Lion symbol which symbolizes the quality and the strength of the pepper mill.