La Rochere Glass


Clear and beautiful La Rochere French glassware is appropriate for the dining room, sturdy enough for every day use and dishwasher safe.

La Rochere Glass and Crystal Works is the oldest glass factory in France, founded in 1475 in the Haute-Saône area in eastern France. Adorned with raised relief decorations that symbolize France, each pattern of La Rochere glass is a timeless classic. Uniquely clear, La Rochere products are produced by melting, at around 1450 degrees C., a mixture of sand, soda, and lime to create silico-sodocalcic glass. Various other elements are added to refine and improve brilliance to create heavy-duty glassware that’s perfect for every day.

Naturally, historical details are very important in La Rochere’s designs. The raised relief decorations that classically symbolize France include the Fleur de Lys and the charming Provencal bee.