Emile Henry



For five generations, the Henry family has been making tableware and bakeware in Marcigny, France. True to tradition all Emile Henry pieces are carefully crafted from Burgandy clay, found naturally in the region. Thanks to its clay, rich in refractory properties, Burgundy has remained a fertile area for potters, passing on their savoir-faire from generation to generation. The mineral-rich clay is combined with 100% natural ingredients to create a product unsurpassed for even heat distribution. Through the unique Ceradon process, each piece is fired with an extremely durable glaze that gives the finished product a naturally non-stick surface- which will not scratch from use or cleaning. The properties of the material and careful craftmanship allows your Emile Henry pieces to go directly from the freezer to a hot oven.

All Emile Henry product is freezer, oven, broiler, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Herma’s is pleased to offer Emile Henry Classic, Urban, Flame and BBQ lines.

flame-pizza-stone-300x246Emile Henry Flame® ceramic

Flame® ceramic is the result of several years or research to find a material which is entirely natural and metal free, allowing slow, even cooking.

Flame® ceramic guarantees healthy, flavourful cooking: the ingredients are not attacked by sudden differences in temperature and conserve all their vitamins and nutritional qualities. It also optimizes the distribution of the flavours and aromas thanks to the slow heat diffusion.

Finally, its capacity to retain the heat allows you to keep the food hot once cooking has finished. It also allows you to keep food cool once removed from the refrigerator. 


emile-henry-grilling-stone-300x276BBQ ceramic, for healthy summer cooking

The new BBQ ceramic has been designed to grill your meat in a healthier way and for cooking more delicate ingredients such as fish, seafood or vegetables.

Extremely resistant to heat, this BBQ ceramic can reach 500°C/930°F. It heats as well as cast iron, but diffuses the heat more gently so the ingredients do not burn as quickly.

The result is slow, healthy cooking without any additional fat, which preserves the nutritional qualities and vitamins in the food.

And to bring a little colour to your summer meals, Emile Henry BBQ items are available in 4 different colours!


emile-henry-ramekin-300x252The Emile Henry Urban® Collection

The Emile Henry Urban collection of stylish table and ovenware is crafted in soothing landscape colours. Suitable for everyday use, the extremely hard glaze does not scratch. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe Urban can go from the freezer to the oven to the table.