Kitchen Grips


Kitchen Grips combined several technologies to create a better performing oven mitt that improves safety by increasing insulation and improving grip. Mitts are often awkward to use and sometimes transfer heat. Kitchen Grips mitts offer more heat and cold insulation, protecting hands from hot and cold temperatures.

The material, FLXaPrene, which is similar in feel to neoprene, the textured finish on the mitt gives it a non-slip grip, an important consideration when working with hot pans. The innovative raised-nub pattern is what sets this line of mitts apart from any other oven mitt on the market.

The Original Design has a zig-zag stitch on the outside edge with a wide generous-fit design. The EuroDesign has a straight stitch inside edge with reinforced zigzag stitching and features a slim-fit design. Both designs come in a variety of colours and are available as a Chef’s Mitt, a Chef’s Mitt, Extra-Long or as Petite.

  • Heat-resistant/ protect your hands from hot and cold temperatures; 500 F/260 C to -134 F/-92C; Use only black textured cross-cut side against hot surfaces and cookware
  • Increased insulation: raised nub surface texture creates more insulation between the hand and the heat source
  • Non-slip grip: raised nub surface pattern engineered to provide a better, safer, non-slip grip
  • Flexible: FLXaPrene™ material is soft and pliable, making it very comfortable to use.
  • Water-repellent: Protects hands from steam and liquid burns, even when wet
  • Slim fit design available for the smaller, more petite hands. Petite size available or Euro design has slim-fit.
  • Grommet for easy storage
  • Antibacterial/antimicrobial FLXaPrene material prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the glove
  • Stain- resistant: Stains wash off unique FLXaPrene material with ease. FLXaPrene™ material prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the glove
  • Increased insulation: Raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and heat source
  • Easily cleaned by hand or place in top rack of dishwasher