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Artisan Cheese

Herma’s Cheese Shop offers all you need to entertain and enjoy cheese and charcuterie at home. We take pride in our specially chosen selection of artisan cheese as it is sliced fresh, carefully wrapped and lovingly placed on our shelves by Janis and others who eagerly wait for the delivery of each and every wheel that is delivered to our door. And Janis, who has had years of experience working with cheese and charcuterie, is often on hand to offer information and advice so that you may be inspired and walk away with knowledge about your chosen cheese. 

Cheese Tools

The enjoyment of cheese is an art and requires the correct tools and canvas upon which to place the cheese. Let us help you create your culinary masterpiece. In Herma’s Cheese Shop find all you need to make the most of your tasting experience including cheese tools, wooden and slate boards, cheese paper, cheese condiments, crackers and charcuterie.


We do our best to consistently carry beautiful meats from Italy including Prosciutto DOP, Fennel Salami and Porchetta Ham which adhere to Italy’s strict production code and may be sliced to your liking. Many other Italian meats, salami and Spanish chorizo may be found in our coolers just around the corner from our Cheese Shop as well.

Cheese Pairings

To create the perfect plate or spread of cheese, it is our pleasure to offer an unparalleled selection of olives, preserves, fruit spreads, nuts, crackers and more that will round out and add balance to your tasting experience. Enjoying food in this way is one of life’s great pleasures and we are thrilled to be a part of this glorious, ancient tradition.

Order a Custom Cheese Platter

To have a custom cheese tray created for you call Janis, Margaret or Herma at 905-885-9250. We would be happy to create something special for your occasion. Bring one of your own platters to us or borrow one of ours. 1 1/2 days’ notice is greatly appreciated. We are also happy to help you choose items for your board so that you may create your own.  

Say Cheese!

*Please note that not all cheeses are available at any given time.  If a specific cheese you’re seeking isn’t in stock, our attentive staff is here to assist you in discovering a suitable alternative or a cheese with similar characteristics.

A Gift of Cheese

Edible Gift Box or Gift Basket Collection

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