CDN Thermometers and Timers



The thermometer stands out as one of the most useful and necessary tools in the kitchen. CDN’s high-precision thermometers help ensure food safety, great cooking results and energy efficiency.

CDN takes extra steps to ensure unrivaled quality, durability and accuracy, using high-grade stainless steel, which is extremely durable and able to withstand high heat without corroding. Reduced-tip Quick-Read® thermometers provide accurate readings in less than six seconds.

For a variety of culinary tasks including grilling, oven roasting, candy making, beverage frothing and more, CDN has the perfect thermometer for your needs.

CDN offers a variety of different cooking thermometers to accurately monitor the temperature of meats, poultry, fish, yeast and bread, ensuring best culinary results and food safety. These traditional thermometers feature large dials and durable laboratory glass or polycarbonate lenses. Many can easily be recalibrated to ensure consistent accuracy over time, and others feature target range indicators to help determine the right target temperature for different kinds of food.


Time is a critical element in achieving the best results when cooking and keeping food fresh. With a wide range of top-quality timers, CDN offers its professional, easy-to-use product line to the home chef.

The CDN collection of digital and mechanical timers demonstrates their thorough understanding of customers’ needs and different cooking applications. With everything from a traditional countdown timer to an advanced multi-tasking timer that allows you to track four separate events at once.

CDN timers are used worldwide in some of the world’s largest restaurant and coffee chains, and Herma’s is proud to offer these products to you for use in your home kitchens. You’ll find that CDN timers offer quality construction, ease of use and precise and consistent measurement of time.