Herma’s News – NEW Gifts, Fashion and Serving Pieces, Wine Soaked, Berry Blue Cheese

To love beauty is to see light. – Victor Hugo

Dear Customers,

This week in addition to stocking up on cheese and other gourmet goodies, treat your visit to Herma’s as a fun shopping excursion as there is so much NEW to see. Herma has worked magic in her Studio, creating a beautiful display involving a treasure trove of colorful, glamorous fashion pieces. Elsewhere in the store find NEW serving pieces that will most definitely add contemporary elegance to your next soirée or dinner party. And also find Gift Certificates wrapped special for the purchase of cheese in our Cheese Shop.

NEW Fashion for Summer

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – Shorts & Shirt Pajama Sets – Large Scarves/Shawls – Natalie Hats – & more

About Powder

Our ethos flows into every detail. This creativity flows from Lisa Beaumont in our Edinburgh, Scotland office to Charlie Beaumont in our Brooklyn, New York design studio. Scottish heritage and iconic Americana influences inspire every loveable design and nostalgic visual – playful with a splash of decadence!

“I’m passionate about colour, texture and attention to detail – pull these elements together and you can create something loveable and quite irresistible!” – Lisa Beaumont, award winning Design Director from Edinburgh, Scotland

Powder’s beautiful fashion pieces are to be placed in their very own special gift bags and boxes upon purchase – perfect for gift-giving or simply just to treat oneself.

Entertain in Style

with Cool Marble, Black Slate or Wood from an Olive Tree

Every now and then we need to change things up while entertaining. We sometimes need to stray from the rustic cheese board that we love and offer guests something a little different. That’s where our NEW serving pieces involving marble, slate and olive wood come into play.

photo by Natural Living and The Just Slate Company 

Cool Marble

Black marble, polished to showcase its natural color and unique veining, serves as an elegant serving platform for cheese and charcuterie. Naturally cool to the touch, marble transfers heat away from cheese and meats, preventing them from becoming too warm.

(Pictured are Marble Board with Glass Conical Dome, Marble Serving Board with Gold Finished Handles and Marble, 3-Piece Knife Set with Gold Finished Blades)

Black Slate

Your cheese, canapé  and desserts will look stunning when presented on black, slate boards. At Herma’s find cheese boards with engravings depicting pheasant and horse.

(Pictured is a set of four mini slate cheese boards with stainless-steel knives to match. They are lovely at dinner parties when you wish to serve each guest individually, or if you plan to set up multiple serving stations throughout a room during a gathering.)


Wood from Olive Trees

The natural shape and grain of this beautiful wood from olive trees make each and every board one-of-a-kind unique. They are created by Tunisian artisans using wood from dead olive tree branches that no longer bear fruit. This wood is extremely dense, antibacterial, resistant to cuts and scratches, won’t stain and is non-porous, making it the perfect platform for serving food and for using as a cutting board. To preserve its beauty, hand wash and nourish it with vegetable or mineral oil every once in a while. Do not soak.

NEW in Herma’s Cheese Shop

Introducing our Cheese & Charcuterie Gift Certificates

These wrapped gift certificates are to be redeemed for cheese and charcuterie or applied to your next prepared cheese tray. They make the perfect gift to be given from one cheese aficionado to another.

Featured Cheese

Oro Rosso Blue

photo by MORO Cheese Refiners

This beautiful blue from Veneto, Italy is placed in barrels, covered with a ruby-red sweet wine and left for 30 days. Once removed, it is covered with blueberries, blackberries and currants, then aged two more months. The result? A strong, spicy blue with a touch of wine and berry flavour.

Other cheeses of interest…

Le 1608 de Charlevoix (Semi-firm, Quebecois cheese made exclusively from a breed of cows that first arrived in Canada with French colonists long ago. Creamy, nutty and slightly barnyardy.)

Pecorino Pepato (Italian Sheep’s Cheese studded with Peppercorns. Lovely grated over pasta with tomato sauce.)

Also in our coolers are beautiful Bries (Brie aux Truffles, Chateau de Bourgogne, Brie de Meaux, St. Andre and more) along with other creamy delights such as Brebirousse d’Argental.

Be sure to round out your cheese platter with Prosciutto and Porchetta Ham which may be sliced to your liking by Janis, Janet or Margaret.

Grilling steaks on the Barbecue?

We recommend Gourmet Inspiration’s Creamy Peppercorn Whiskey Steak Sauce which is delicious served with fried onions and mushrooms on top of a juicy steak. Really delicious with any type of meat.

Have an amazing weekend full of sunshine and time spent outdoors. And be sure to stop by Herma’s for a fun shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you in coming days.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts