Types of Olives and How to Use

We are proud of the varied selection of over 35 types of olive products we carry. Did you know that olives are a bitter fruit? That the colour indicates the age at which the olive was picked off the branch of an olive tree? And that curing the olive makes it less bitter and much tastier? 

Below is a detailed list describing many of our olive products and what you can do with them. 

Divina’s Tangerines and Chili Olives is a unique pairing of buttery green olives with dried tangerine slices and fiery chili peppers. Serve with Prosecco and smoked almonds or finely dice and bake over wild salmon. 

Divina’s Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
 are buttery and meaty green olives that perfectly complement the savory crunch of pickled jalapeños. Try them in tacos and quesadillas, or up your cocktail game by adding them to a margarita or sangria.

Divina’s Sundried Tomato Stuffed Olives are rich, robust and juicy. Try them paired with burrata or mozzarella for a twist on the classic Caprese salad.

Divina’s Organic Kalamata Olives are smoky and fruity with notes of red wine. Renowned for their quality and taste, Divina Kalamata are the real deal; picked in western Greece and cured for up to six months to draw out the fruit’s sweetness and depth of flavor. Serve with Feta.

Divina’s Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives are also picked in western Greece and cured for up to six months and are smoky, fruity and perfect for tossing with pasta, greens and grains.

Divina’s Green Olive Spread includes the classic Greek flavours of olives, capers, garlic and oregano. Try incorporating into a dressing, smothering on a roast turkey sandwich or serve atop a goat cheese crostini.

Divina’s Black Olive Spread includes notes of fruit and smoke is lovely on a cheese plate, smothered on a roast turkey or ham and brie baguette.

Garnish canapés with green or black olive pate which releases the intense flavour of ground olives.

A key to the New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich is a crisp and briny olive and veggie salad that soaks into the doughy Italian bread. We carry a spicy and a sweet Muffuletta olive and vegetable mixture that will be perfect for this type of sandwich.

Jesse Tree Dry Black Olives Infornata are dry-cured in the Italian sun, which makes them less bitter.

Jesse Tree Gaeta Olives are small olives from Lazio that are left to ripen on trees long after other varieties are harvested. These olives are soft, tender, tart and citrusy. Great for snacking on its own or served in pasta dishes like a Tomato and Olive Penne or a Lemon and Herb Pasta.  

Jesse Tree Baresana are brownish-green olives from Puglia that are wonderfully crisp and crunchy, with a tart, nutty, flavor. They’re pretty and elegant enough to serve as hors d’oeuvres, and give a welcome punch to risotto or a hearty stew.

Jesse Tree Bella di Cerignola Olives are some of the largest and prettiest olives in the world. They are crisp and fantastically buttery. Their hefty size renders them easily stuffable. They pair especially well with garlic, cheese, capers, and anchovies and are nice chopped in a salad or pasta with mozzarella. 

Jesse Tree Kalamata Olives are a delicious olive from Kalamata, Greece. They are deep purple and fruity and salty with hints of red wine. Good for snacking and on top of a pizza!

Jesse Tree Sweet Cerignola Olives are equally as large as the Bella di Cerignola, but with a sweeter flavour profile and firm texture. They are packed in a natural brine that contains nearly half the amount of salt than regular brine.

Jesse Tree Oven Baked Black Olives are handpicked from the hills of Italy. They are then seasoned, baked and packaged in oil to preserve their freshness.

Jesse Tree Sun Dried Olives are ripe, black olives. They’re first dry-cured in salt, which makes them less bitter while concentrating and enhancing their flavors. Next, the salt is removed, and the olives are soaked in oil, then flavored with spices and herbs, adding other layers of flavor.