Kalio’s Holiday Collections – Why they are so wonderful!

Kalia’s olive oils are all made from the same kind of fruit, the Koroneiki. The difference between the four varieties we offer depends on when they are harvested, which in turn determines how fruity the oil becomes
01: harvested in November – tastes of green fruit, vegetables, fresh nuts with notes of cut grass and tomato leaf – use with salads, vegetable plates, steamed vegetables, loafs

The balsamic is made from balsamic vinegar aged 5 years in oak barrels. Kalio adds their petimezi – grape must of Corinth grapes cooked in a cauldron at the end of the aging process for a lovely sweetness. Light in acidity and velvety, it has no additives (no trace of caramel) and no added sugar. You will appreciate its notes of red fruits, honey and quince. It goes perfectly with salads, roasted vegetables, meat and fish, as well as with our cuvée 01 olive oil in vinaigrette.

 02: harvested in December – tastes of both green and ripe fruit with floral and hazelnut notes – use with fresh pasta, grilled fish and meat, marinade and salad dressing, cheese, home-made bread, humus
03: harvested in January – tastes of ripe fruit and almond notes – use with white fish, home-made mashed potatoes, baking, chocolate cake, roasted fruits