The Gift of Olive Oil

Whether you are choosing to give a special edition olive oil for that special someone who loves the art of food or choosing to give a lovely versatile olive oil for the host or hostess, olive oil will always be well-received. At Herma’s We have a wall full of different types of oils many of them ideal for gifting. Whether you want it to be an extravagant gift or a simple one, we know we have something that is just right for you. 

Hostess Gift

 A good quality olive oil wrapped in a Christmas-themed towel with ribbon tied around it would make a lovely hostess gift. Ask for a Herma’s ribbon at our front desk to make it happen. 

Olive Oil Suggestions for Hostess Gifts

Masserie Di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicate with a light fruity bouquet. Use it with delicate dishes like fish, green salads, grilled vegetables, mayonnaise, pastry and similar light preparations.

Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily can do it all, from drizzling on fine steaks to making salads. This phenomenal oil has a delicate, fruity flavor that is reminiscent of fresh olives that end with a pleasant aftertaste of sweet almonds. 

Galantino DOP Terra di Bari – Castelli Del Monte has intense fruity aromas, rich spiciness and a bitterness that is much appreciated by the olive oil connoisseur. Though it is fabulous with almost any recipe, this product is strong, and matches best with strongly flavored dishes that command attention.

Special Edition

L’Estornell Christopher Columbus Edition olive oil (pictured above, top) is made from the fruit of Spanish olive trees that are over 500 years old – olive trees that were around and bearing fruit when Christopher Columbus set sail for the America’s in 1492. It is housed in a limited-edition bottle that is numbered and represents the decanters used throughout Spain during Christopher Columbus’ lifetime. Housed in a wooden box, this will make a beautiful gift for the history lover and connoisseur of fine foods

Special Olive Oil & Balsamic for Gifting