Herma’s News – Cheeses for Valentine’s Day and Gift Ideas, Food Suggestions for Super Bowl Sunday

If music be the food of love, play on. – Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 1, 1-3

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Whether you are enjoying a plate of soft, luscious cheese for a night of romance this Valentine’s Day or preparing to eat fun, sloppy foods on Super Bowl Sunday we have you covered. Either way you look at it, there is fun to be had if you are willing to do what it takes.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

photos by Vidda, Demdaco and Mistral

Vidda’s Jewelry – Mistral for Men’s Eau de Toilette – Soft Pink Shawls – Box of Chocolates – Tea Cups – Custom Gift Baskets – Wrapped Gift Certificates – Lotions and Bubble Bath  – Truffle Products – Scented Candles – Pretty Scarves – Champagne Flutes – Cheesesand so much more

Herma’s Signature Products

Fancy Hors d’oeuvres or Yummy Game Dip? You decide.

It all depends on the dish from which you serve your Signature Product and how you wish to present it.

photos by Gary Mulcahey

At Herma’s find…

Beer Cheese Spread – Spicy Pimento Spread – Bacon Cheddar Spread – Lemo-licious – Savoury Cheddar Spread – Stilton Pate – Chicken Liver Pate – Herma’s Chevre – Marinated Goat Cheese – Sundried Tomato Dip

Super Bowl Sunday Food Suggestions

Food served on Super Bowl Sunday is uniquely casual and fun. We like the idea of meatball sandwiches, nachos, barbecue chicken, chili and pizza. Our favourite ingredient for these kinds of foods is to add the sweet-heat of Saucy Dotty’s Gourmet Sauce which will give your foods a great, bold Tex-Mex flavour.

Saucy Dotty Gourmet Sauce

Dipping Sauce – Glaze – Baste – Marinade

photos by Saucy Dotty

Super Bowl Sunday Food Equation

Manoucher’s Folded Bread + Sliced Gouda + Saucy Dotty’s Sauce + Village Grocer Meatballs (heated in oven as instructed) = Amazing

Be sure to place sandwich in the oven for a few minutes so that bread is toasted and cheese is melted.

We also suggest…

Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Pizzas

photo by Dreamfarm
The dough of these Neapolitan pizzas is composed of just four simple ingredients: water, flour, salt and yeast. These pizzas cook in a wood-fired oven for 60-120 seconds creating a blistered but pliable, chewy yet delicate pizza.
Right now we have in our freezers…Prosciutto Honey Truffle (Prosciutto, Parmesan, Romano, Ricotta, Mozzarella Honey and Truffle Oil all on a Creamy Base) – The Carnivore (San Marzano Milled Tomatoes, Hungarian Salami, Prosciutto, Bacon, Bocconcini Mozzarella) – Classic Margherita (San Marzano Milled Tomatoes, Basil & Buffalo Mozzarella).
To slice your pizzas to perfection try using Dreamfarm’s Scizza Pizza Scissors as seen in the photo.

Taco Suggests…

Dreamfarm’s Knibble Knife

If you can only choose one cheese knife for your cheese platter, Dreamfarm’s Knibble will serve every purpose.

photo by Dreamfarm


Soft Cheese Knife (barbed blade creates air pockets to stop soft cheese from sticking) – Serving Fork (tiny forks at the tip are perfect for picking up foods and serving.) – Spreading Knife (Rounded top edge of blade spreads beautifully) – Hard Cheese Knife (The plastic blade stays sharp for harder cheeses.)

Herma’s Cheese Shop – Brie mine!

Four Cheese Recommendations…

We have a lot to say about each of these four amazing French cheeses, each of which pairs perfectly with Champagne. Be patient while reading as I can’t help but share my enthusiasm for each cheese and why I love them.

Creamy French Cheeses + Champagne = Heaven

Brie de Meaux 

Made just 50km east of Paris in the region of Ile-de-France, Brie de Meaux has a long history which dates back to Emperor Charlemagne. Brie de Meaux gained an austere reputation when in 1814 it was declared The King of Cheeses at a culinary tournament during the Congress of Vienna. With sweet and buttery flavours of mushrooms, truffles and almonds, this fabulous rich brie pairs perfectly with Champagne.

Langres AOP

This cheese (complex. supple, melt-in-your-mouth) hails from the province of Champagne, France. It is a small round cheese with an intentional dent on top, called a fontaine. The dent is the result of the cheese not being turned as it matures. This causes the cheese to settle in the center. The locals like to use the dent as a basin upon which to pour Champagne. Try this combination yourself on Valentine’s Day!

Chateau de Bourgogne

One cheese blogger described it as the one cheese he wanted to savor if the world were to end. Others have said that it fits into the BTS (Better Than Sex) category. Spread on a thin slice of toasted baguette or cracker and enjoy with a glass of Champagne. Cheers!


Enjoy this luxurious cheese as if it were a Fondue. Really delicious it may also be used in recipes like Tartiflette.

*For a recipe involving Tartiflette using Vacherin go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the following link…Tartiflette Recipe with Vacherin – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

Cheese Condiment Suggestions

Cherry Merlot Wine Jam – Salt Spring Kitchen’s Raspberry & Rose Spread – Three Angry Cat’s Raspberry Vodka Jam.

Also for your cheese platter…

Truffle Almonds – Fraktal’s Chocolate – Prosciutto – Salami – Tiger Shrimp – Bacon Wrapped Scallops – Herma’s Signature Goat Cheese Rounds – Manoucher’s Baguette

And to keep with the French theme, try serving escargot before dinner. They may be found in our freezers.

Cheese Recommendations – Part Two

For a continuation on cheeses that would be lovely on Valentine’s Day, or any other day, go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the link below…

Valentine’s Day Cheeses Continued… – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

They include…

Buchette aux Petales de Roses – Queso de Oveja with Black Truffles – Papillon Roquefort – Taleggio – St. Agur

Custom-Created Cheese Platters

If you would like us to create a cheese platter for you, call 905-885-9250 or stop by. 36-hour notice is appreciated.

NEW at Herma’s

Come see our NEW collection of Michel Design Work’s Spring Line of Body Care, Kitchen and Home Decor. Also look for new paintings that have been hand delivered by me this past week.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend as you prepare for a fun weekend of romance and sports!?!

Be well and stay safe.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

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