Valentine’s Day Cheeses Continued…

In this week’s newsletter we spoke of all sorts of luscious, soft cheeses that are to-die-for, especially when paired with Champagne and crusty baguette. While that is great, there are also many other cheeses we carry that are also fabulous for Valentine’s Day.

Creamy Goats from France

Buchette aux Petales de Roses

This goat cheese from the Loire Valley of France has been hand rolled in rose petals for a creamy, floral and herbaceous quality. Chablis or Savognon Blanc compliment the floral flavours of this cheese.

Also try Buchette aux Fleurs and Buchette aux Truffles.

Queso de Oveja with Black Truffles

Enjoy the aromatic splendor of this innovative cheese as it challenges your senses. The taste of truffle perfectly balances with the mild taste of this sheep’s milk cheese.

Papillon Roquefort

The taste of this Roquefort AOP Papillon is creamy, strong and full-bodied. Its texture is soft and supple. It is a great addition to any cheese platter with nuts and grapes, however it is also lovely included with casseroles, pasta dishes, on salads and as a sauce with steaks.

Roquefort Sauce for Steaks

We suggest adding a little thick cream with Roquefort to a pan where steaks had just been fried. Stir for a good 2 minutes to get a smooth sauce and voila!

Try pairing with full-bodied reds or sweet liqueur wines.

FYI: Comes in a pretty red box which makes for a lovely gift of cheese on Valentine’s Day.


This meaty cheese has a rich and creamy texture with strong, pungent smell. Its taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang – like a brie, but with a bit more punch. Taleggio can be served grated on salads and when melted is also wonderful used in risotto or a cheesy pasta dish. We like it on pizza with spreadable sausage and a cheese-pairing honey.

Try pairing with a sparkling wine from the Lombardy region of Italy. Champagne would do nicely too.

St. Agur

The flavors of this blue from the Auvergne region of France are sharp, spicy, and fruity, while the aroma is intense and milky. The texture of Saint Agur is very creamy and smooth, which is the reason why the cheese melts and spreads extremely well.