Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Three Monovarietal Olive Oils

This is a new line of Monovarietal olive oils meaning that the olive oils are each obtained exclusively from a single variety of olives.

The Nocellara cultivar is fruity with notes of freshly mown grass and green tomato. Perfect with white meats and all kinds of fish, raw and cooked. Salads, vegetables and fresh cheeses also lend themselves very well to its aromatic notes. Ideal for the preparation of desserts and ice creams.

Coratina is an extra virgin olive oil made in Italy with the Coratina variety of olives. It won a Gold Award at the 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition and is listed in the official index of the world’s best olive oils. Perfect for first structured courses, soups and legume soups, red meats and grilled fish, for crudités and of course, in all its purity, on bread bruschetta.

Peranzana is characterized by a medium fruity taste perfectly balanced in the bitter and spicy components. Perfect for flavoring legume soups, bruschetta, salads but also fish dishes and white meats. Also excellent raw on vegetables and salads.

Masserie di Sant’Eramo’s Classic Olive Oils

Intense Fruity

Their Intense Fruity Olive Oil is characterized by a strong taste and notes of bitter and spicy. It releases strong hints of freshly cut grass and its scent evokes the artichoke. It is ideal for seasoning bruschetta, legume soups, soups, grilled red meats and grilled vegetables.

Light Fruity

Their Light Fruity Olive Oil releases hints of fresh olive and its scent evokes almond and green tomato. Sweet taste, with light bitter and spicy notes that are perceived only in the tail, when they are no longer aggressive, but pleasant. It lends itself to being used raw to enhance, without covering, the flavor of delicate dishes such as fish, first courses based on white sauces, boiled vegetables and white meats. It is also excellent for the preparation of desserts.

Il Biologico

This oil is obtained from Coratina and Ogliarola Barese olives and is characterized by a medium fruity, harmonious and balanced sensations of bitter and spicy, with herbaceous and almond hints.  It is ideal for feeding children and for seasoning dishes of which you want to enhance aromas and flavors: first courses with red sauces, cooked vegetables, roasted fish, appetizers, salads, pizzas, focaccia and bruschetta. It is suitable for all those who choose a healthy and natural diet.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar PGI

It is a balsamic of medium density with at least 3 years of aging.

It can be used as a condiment to flavor any dish: on grilled meat, Parmigiano Reggiano, fruits and  accompanies countless varieties of foods. It can also be used on Salads, fresh vegetables, barley soup and red turnips, shrimp, fresh tuna, risotto and boiled meats.