Herma’s News – Beauty of Summer, Botanical Flowers and Amazing Food Suggestions

For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive. – D.H. Lawrence

Dear Customers,

The beauty of summer abounds both in our store with the abundance of permanent botanical flowers overflowing in large vases and on our tables as we look forward to enjoying delicious, luscious foods perfect for mornings, afternoons and evenings spent at our patio tables at home.

Herma’s large bouquets of flowers not only create beauty within the store, they are available for purchase to be showcased in your home as well. These flowers may be enjoyed for years as a stunning work of art that will never die or wilt away.

BELLEI’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The Precious Range

Discover the entire range of BELLEI’s Balsamic Vinegars from Modena. Packaged beautifully in blue, pink and yellow, you may find the density level of each on the top of the bottle’s caps.

1.33 density, packaged in blue, has a an intense and delicate aroma characterized by harmoniously sweet and sour notes.

Pair with foods like Parmigiano Reggiano, meat fillets, duck, red meat tartare, ice cream and strawberries.

1.24 density, packaged in yellow, characterized by an intense aroma rich with notes of ripe fruit like plum, fig and pear.

Pair with foods like  seafood salads, Parmigiano Reggiano, fruit salad and omelets.

1.12 density, packaged in pink, is characterized by a perfect balance of sweet, yet intense acidic flavours.

Pair with foods like salads and fresh vegetables, both cooked or grilled.

Bellei Scudi Oro

Modena Bellei Scudi Oro (Gold Shields) is a clear, dark brown balsamic with an intense yet delicate flavor followed by woodsy notes. It is characterized by a low 4% acidity with a taste that is bittersweet, well-balanced and pleasant. Its fruity notes remind us of plum, fig and autumn fruit. The sugar content, provided by the cooked grape must, offers a genuine balance to acidity.

The Bell Mela

As Bellei’s balsamic vinegar is a blend of grape juice (or must) and wine vinegar, Bell Mela is a blend of pure natural apple juice and apple cider vinegar which are aged in barrels to enhance the complexity of its aroma. Lovely drizzled over salads and veggies.

Taking vegetables a step further…

Cafiti’s Jarred Veggies

Flavourful and yummy – perfect for your summer table!

photos by Cafiti


Find at Herma’s…

Pickled Beets – Spicy Pickled Cauliflower – Pickled Vegetables – Fruit Ketchup – Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles – Spicy Apricots & Jalapeños Jelly

These flavorful vegetables are wholesome and made garden fresh using Grandma’s recipes. Serve alongside salads, barbecued foods and spreads for entertaining. Herma has been known to offer them up in pretty long-stemmed glasses.

photo by Cafiti

We suggest their…

Pickled Beets

CAFITI’s recipe for pickled beets is the same as that of most Quebec grandmothers – steamed and pickled with water, vinegar and sugar. A classic!!
Fruit Ketchup
Created from a family recipe, this all-natural Ketchup will remind you of your grandmother’s, but with a little je-ne-sais-quoi for a renewed taste! Cafiti added currants to absorb the excess acidity of the vinegar which also  creates a lovely, chunky texture.
Spicy Apricots & Jalapeño Jelly
The combination of sweet and heat adds amazing flavour when spread on your favourite cheese or enjoyed in a grilled cheese sandwich.
Herma suggests…

Gourmet Inspiration’s Veggie Fusion

To bring cooked veggies and grains alive with colour and flavour simply sprinkle Veggie Fusion on them just prior to serving. And to create a dip, mix 1 tbsp of Veggie Fusion with 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. 

Ingredients: sea salt, sesame seeds, onion flakes, herbs/spices.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Celebrating Summer – Special Offer

Purchase St. Andre Triple Cream Cheese  and receive a complimentary jar of Rose Petal Jelly

Choose from Origen or Saltspring Kitchen. Made with real rose petals, both will bring a uniquely delicate flavour to your cheese plate. Also lovely enjoyed with biscuits and scones during high tea or at breakfast.

Featured Cheeses

St. Andre

Saint André from northern France is one of the most buttery, creamy, seductive triple crème cheeses available.  We suggest simply spreading this cheese on crusty baguette and pairing with a nice, cold glass of light beer or dessert wine.

Grey Owl

This beautiful Quebecois cheese is wrinkly with a grey rind made of vegetable ash. As you slice this cheese into wedges, a beautiful snow white paste is revealed that is firm, crumbly and dense. As it melts-in-your-mouth, however, the paste becomes smooth and silky with sharp and lemony flavours that go perfectly with a dry Riesling or a crisp dry Sauvignon Blanc.

Our Cheesy Pasta Fantasy…Are you gutsy enough to try this?

Place a forkful of spaghetti into the amazing creamy curds of Burrata for something really amazing! Create a Caprese Salad Pasta dish by whisking garlic, balsamic, olive oil, salt & pepper together in a baking dish. Add halved cherry tomatoes. Bake for 25 minutes at 350F. Place on a plate of Spaghetti and then add a ball of Burrata to each bowl.

Prosciutto = Perfection

(or at least the perfect charcuterie for your cheese platter and/or appetizer)

We love the versatility of prosciutto and how beautifully it compliments cheese, fruit and anti-pasta.

Four serving ideas for your Prosciutto…

-Marry apple wedges with a small slice of creamy brie and wrap in Prosciutto.

-Skewer olive, pretty folds of Prosciutto and basil leaves.

-Wrap peaches in Prosciutto and drizzle with balsamic.

For the perfect summer platter on a hot day place the following foods together on your board.

large slices of cantaloupe (fanned out) – smaller slices of honeydew melon (fanned out) – dry apricot – Burrata –  pretty folds of Prosciutto – 2 tiny bowls of olives – fresh basil leaves

Origen Jams – More than just a cheese condiment.

photos by Origen

Red Wine Jam

Spread the love of Spain with this delicious red wine jam which is made with 60% of DOP Jumilla Spanish red wine, making it a unique and flavorful addition to your cheese plate or charcuterie board. The higher wine content and less sugar give this jam a more runny texture allowing it to be used in some really exciting ways.

Ideas for use…

add a swirl of Red Wine jam to your morning oatmeal – mix with goat cheese and serve as a spread or on top of an appetizer – use as a glaze for chicken or pork chops before cooking – spoon over vanilla ice cream – pour into a saucepan and heat until bubbling for a tasty syrup to drizzle over pancakes and waffles

Wild Berries Jam

Made with organic blackberries, blueberries and raspberries this jam is sweet and tart.

Ideas for use…

spread on toast for breakfast – use while baking cakes, pies, pastries, muffins and cookies – add to yogurts, cottage cheese or mascarpone – use as condiment on pancakes, waffles and oatmeal – use as a glaze for meats or fish before grilling or baking – add some of this jam to your favourite salad dressing for a fruity twist

Sweet Onion Jam

This jam is made with caramelized onions and just the right amount of spices. Enjoy the sweet, savoury and tart flavours of caramelized onion jam on a cheese plate or as a condiment.

Ideas for use…

savory condiment for burgers and sandwiches – as a topping for appetizers – add to your favourite vinaigrette dressing for salad – mix with cream cheese and serve on crackers or baguette slices – add to your next pot of soup or chili 

Hot Chili Pepper Jam

Add a fiery kick to your favourite recipes with this jam made of red hot chili peppers. It will awaken your taste buds and leave them tingling for more.

Ideas for use…

mix with cream cheese and serve as a dip – use as a condiment on sandwiches and burgers – add to scrambled eggs or omelet – spread on toast – use as a marinade for chicken or steak for grilling – toss in rice bowls or noodle bowls

Peach and Cava Jam

This delightful concoction of Spanish Cava’s sparkling flavour is blended with the sweetness of fresh peaches for a unique, delectable experience. Lovely served alongside your favourite creamy cheeses, spread on toast or stirred into yogurt.

Note: Cava is sparkling like Champagne, but uses a different type of grape grown in Spain.

Fig Jam

Featuring hand-selected fresh figs from the Murcia region of Spain, the soft, honeyed fruit of this spreadable superstar will add a new dimension to much-loved cheeses. An easy yet delicious treat, Origen Fig Spread is perfect for taking your antipasto offerings to the next level.

Ideas for use…

use as a glaze for meats or vegetables – mix with balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing – use as a filling for crepes or turnovers – spread on toast or bagels for breakfast – swirl into yogurt or ice cream

While we have shared all the amazing ways in which Origin’s jams may be used let’s not forget about Saltspring Kitchen Co.’s fruit spreads, hot sauces, candied jalapenos and more – all lovingly created in British Columbia.

Herma’s Signature Products

The perfect snack to share with friends this weekend! 

5/6 by photographer Gary Mulcahey

Our Signature Products are made fresh daily in Herma’s very own kitchen. Enjoy the likes of Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese, Seafood Dazzler, Lemo-licious, Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds, Stilton Pate, Liver Pate and more. Find in Herma’s Cheese Shop!

Holiday Hours

photo by Fuse & Sip

Good news! Herma’s will be open on Civic Monday, August 1st for an afternoon of fun shopping with friends and family. The best times this weekend, however, may be had sharing a special drink with friends, especially when using the natural fruit of Fuse & Sip Kits as seen in cups above.

Savings at Herma’s

Celebrating Summer during August long weekend!

50% off ALL Linens

(including aprons, dish towels, tea towels and more)

Have a fabulous weekend as you and your friends and family enjoy the magical days and nights of summer.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts