Fondue Recipes

Fondue Recipes

Fondue is a decadent treat cozy during winter months. Below are two classic fondue recipes – one savory and one sweet.

Savoury Fondue

Most savoury fondue recipes include 500-700 grams of melting cheeses (Gruyere being a classic choice), 1 clove of garlic, 300 ml. of dry white wine, a splash of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, freshly ground pepper and maybe some brandy.


Grate the cheeses. Rub the pan with a clove of garlic. Pour the wine and lemon juice into the pan and turn on the heat. While stirring, add the cheese a handful at a time and let it melt. Dilute the corn starch with the brandy and add the mixture to the cheese. Bring the fondue to a boil while stirring and add pepper to taste. – BOSKA

Our favourite foods for dipping…baguette bread, cubes of steak and potato wedges.

Dessert Fondue


  • 100 ml. whipped cream
  • 350 gram of chocolate (milk or dark)
  • 2 tablespoons of (almond) liqueur


Heat up the whipped cream until it is near boiling. Reduce heat and let the cream cool down slightly (chocolate melts at 98 degrees Fahrenheit and should not be heated up beyond that). Crumble the chocolate into the cream and mix it well until the chocolate melts and becomes smooth. – BOSKA

Our favourite foods for dipping…strawberries, pears, cookies, pretzel sticks, raspberries, orange slices, cherries and marshmallows.

Add liqueur once transferred to fondue pot.

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