Herma’s News – Super Bowl Food Ideas, Valentine’s Day at Herma’s and Savings

Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance that it overflows outward upon the world. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Dear Customers,

Love is in the air at Herma’s with permanent botanical roses, gift certificates wrapped in red along with the opportunity to order a Cheese Board for Two and a Valentine’s Day Dinner by Zak. We hope you will think of us for your Valentine’s Day needs as well as stock up on yummy foods for Super Bowl Sunday.

This Valentine’s Day at Herma’s

Permanent Botanical Roses @ $55 plus tax

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Beautiful red roses add romance to your home décor. A lasting memory of this Valentine’s Day for the special price of $55 plus tax.

Cheeseboard for Two

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This beautiful arrangement thoughtfully prepared by Herma will include four grilled shrimp, velvety cheese sampling, fennel salami, crackers and Fraktals. Your purchase includes one of Harry’s small cheeseboards on which the foods will be presented – prettily wrapped in cellophane and ready to go.


Janis will be in the Cheese Shop to slice cheeses to your specifications on Friday and Saturday along with prosciutto, fennel salami and porchetta ham. As some cheeses sell quickly, feel free to call 905-885-9250 to ensure one of the above cheeses you are interested in is still in our coolers and ready to go.

Super Bowl Sunday Foods

from Herma’s Cheese Shop

Find all sorts of scrumptious cheeses and salamis in and around Herma’s Cheese Shop that will be yummy placed on a cheese tray.

Our favourites have always been prosciutto and fennel salami from Italy that may be cut to your liking. Folded beautifully on a cheese platter these meats are delicious with gherkins and any one of our fantastic cheddars and goudas. We also love our Chorizo from Spain that will add a nice kick to your Super Bowl Sunday Spread.

Fondue anyone? Try dipping cubes of Manoucher’s baguette bread into melted gruyere and the like for a super special treat.

We look forward to seeing you soon and if you are going to take part in Super Bowl fun – enjoy!
Be well and stay safe.
Meredith Ender
Communications Coordinator
Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts