Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We are proud of the wide variety of gifts we carry that would be perfect for your man or father on Father’s Day. We carry a variety of barware and body care that will please any man. And if he likes to barbecue we have that covered too.

Consider creating a bundle of sauces or foods and let us wrap it beautifully for $10.

We look forward to making your Father’s Day Special.

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Staff Pick – Rocket Ship Cocktail Shaker for Mixing Drinks

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Eisch Whiskey Set is neatly packaged in a cylindrical tube.

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“A Selection of Mustards” Gift Basket $65 (Lindens Original Mustard, Sarafino Chili Pepper Mustard, Mrs. Bridge’s Piccalilli, 3 Angry Cats Mustard, Mathilda Barbecue Mustard and Mustards Container)

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This striking Decanter Set is uniquely shaped like a globe.

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We love, love, love Mistral for Men Fragrances which will give your man that va va va voom factor.

In what Gordon calls our “Man Cave” we carry…

Bourbon Vanilla Shaving Cream – Bourbon Vanilla Bar of Soap – Bourbon Vanilla Post-Shave Balm – Cedarwood Marine Eau de Parfum – Cedarwood Marine Post-Shave Balm – Cedarwood Marine Bar of Soap – Salted Gin Bar of Soap – Salted Gin Eau de Parfum

We also have luxury soaps in four other fragrances (Mezcal Lime, Teak Wood, Sandalwood Bamboo and Royal Cypress)

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Mistral Salted Gin Gift Basket, $90 (Soap and Eau de Parfum)

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Mistral Cedarwood Marine Gift Basket, $115 (Eau de Parfum, Post Shave Balm and Bar of Soap)

May be an image of cosmetics and text that says 'CEDAR MEN E-SAGE 1 FOR BEARD OIL HUILE POUR LA BARBE ARGAN ARGAN 60mL/2fl.oz'

If your da-da-daddio has grown a beard during Covid he will certainly appreciate this toiletry product.

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Barbecue Tray Gift Basket, $175 (Rufus Honey Sweet Sauce, Garlic Box Steak Splash, Cattle Boyz Smokin’ and Grilling, Smoke Show Sauce, Smoke Show Jerk Seasoning,  Shredding Claws, Pulled Pork Seasoning, Steak Rub, Sable Rosenfeld Teriyaki Sauce, 3 Angry Cats Blueberry and Vodka Barbecue Sauce, 3 Angry Cats Black Garlic and Maple Barbecue Sauce, Tequila Hot Sauce, Butcher Cut Cracked Pepper, Corn Seasoning and Olive Oil)

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Pulled Pork Bundle – Create a bundle for barbecuing pork with Gourmet du Village’s Claws, Pulled Pork BBQ Mix and Barbecue Sauce.

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If your dad is a little bit of a loner and hasn’t minded social distancing etiquette, he might enjoy receiving this mug.

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Beer Bundle – Create a bundle involving “beer” items including these coasters with bottle cap openers on the back.

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Cocktail Bundle – Create a bundle of drink oriented gifts that include Collins Drink Mixes and Garnish. We carry a large, varied  selection. Come and see!

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This is a verry large wine glass with spout for pouring.

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A collector’s addition Balsamic Vinegar will certainly please the dad with the most discerning taste.

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Cocktail Hour Gift Basket (Black Ice Bucket, Collins Bloody Mary Mix, Collins Mojito Mix, 2 Highball Glasses and Glass Rimmer for Bloody Mary)

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Martini Set Gift Basket, $103.50 (Caviar Colored Oblong Dish, 2 Martini Glasses, Collins Orange Twist, Collins Cocktail Onions, Tipsy Lemon Olives)

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Pizza Bundle – Pizza Stone, “00” Flour, Pizza Sauce, Parmesan, Buffalo Mozzarella, Salami and other toppings

No photo description available.

Flask in disguise of a Camera – For the man that has everything!

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This is a Carrying Case to store wine and the like.

No photo description available.

Mechanical Wheel Wine Rack – Rustic and Chic

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Unique Condiment Bundle – If your dad likes to grill, create a bundle involving condiments and barbecue sauces. (Curry Ketchup, 3 Angry Cat’s Tequila Bomb and Lightly Smoked Jalapeno Dijonnaise would  definitely shake things up a bit.)

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Hot Sauce Bundle – If your dad likes it hot, give him our whole collection or maybe just a few of our unique, boozy hot sauces from 3 Angry Cats. It’s a joy to sample and to have variety to offer friends.

May be an image of food, indoor and text that says 'TRUFFLE HUNTER BLACK TRUFFLE CRISPS 100g 100g/3.53oz 3.53'

Truffle Bundle – Does your man enjoy the complex flavour of truffles? We have a wonderful selection of truffle products. Take your pick.

Custom Gift Basket

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Have a basket custom-made to suit your dad’s needs. $10 wrapping, $80-100 minimum

Herma’s Gift Wrap

Herma’s Beautiful Gift Wrap, which includes quality ribbon and other decoration, is $10 and worth the wait. Be sure to ask to have wrapped at the front desk.

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Staff Pick – Baseball Player gripping Wine Bottle

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Don’t forget to add Fraktal’s NEW Salted Caramels to your Father’s Day Bundle or Gift.

Best wishes to all of you as you prepare to celebrate.