Herma’s News – Entertaining in Summer, Signature Products, The Shortbead Company’s NEW Look

For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive. –  D. H. Lawrence

Dear Customers,

This time of year we enjoy preparing beautiful spreads of foods for friends that will delight the eye, nose and taste buds. Let us inspire you with what we enjoy best during summer.

And for your convenience…

Herma’s will be OPEN all weekend including Monday, August 2nd.

Going places in style with Vidda Jewelry

photo by Vidda

We love Vidda’s unique pieces of handmade jewelry that allow us to express our sense of style beautifully. Find a large selection at Herma’s.

Our Answer to Lazy, Hot Summer Days

Walter Gregor Tonics and Ceder’s Distilled Alt-Gin create magical pairings, setting the stage for more complex cocktails, refreshing on hot summer days.

We make small batch tonic waters in Walter Gregor’s former parish of Pitsligo in Peathill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We are based on our remote and rural farm which stretches across rolling countryside to the shores of the Moray Firth. – Walter Gregor

Find Walter Gregor at Herma’s…Original, Spiced and Raspberry

Embrace an everyday escape with Ceder’s – an award-winning distilled non-alcoholic spirit made with classic gin botanicals as well as more rare and exotic botanicals from the Cederberg Mountains of The Western Cape, South Africa. – Ceder’s

Find Ceder’s at Herma’s…

Ceder’s Wild (Juniper and Ginger, Combined with Clove and Rooibos)

Ceder’s Pink Rose (Juniper, Rose and Hibiscus)

Ceder’s Pink Rose Spritz Recipe

Ingredients…50ml Ceder’s Pink Rose, 25ml Pink Grapefruit Tonic, 75ml Non-Alcoholic  Sparkling Wine

Instructions…Build in a wine glass with cubed ice. Garnish with a grapefruit slice.

Find other recipes at www.cedersdrinks.com.

Saltspring Kitchen Co. Inspiration

Transforming simple foods into something special!

photo by Saltspring Kitchen Co.

We believe summer is a wonderful time to graze on foods that are lovely just as they are with maybe just a couple of lovely fruity spreads and a very tasty mustard.

Consider the following…

Raspberry & Habanero Spicy Pepper Spread – It opens with a classic raspberry flavour and ends with a spicy finish. Pairs with fresh Chèvre, Brie, Camembert, Stilton, grilled cheese, thumbprint cookies, chicken, and cocktails.

Sparkling Apricot & Pink Peppercorn – The sweetness of the apricot is balanced with the floral notes of the pink peppercorn while sparkling wine takes it to the next level. Pairs with fresh Chèvre, Brie, Ricotta, toast, scones, and as a glaze for ham.

photo by Saltspring Kitchen Co.

Cheese, nuts, olives, a large variety of salami, Prosciutto, Porchetta Ham, crisps and crostini in addition to the Saltspring Kitchen’s yummy mustard and fruity spreads may be found at Hermas. Consider packing these foods for a picnic in a beautiful setting by the water or on a cool grassy knoll.

Candied Jalapeños and Candied Jalapeño Relish Top this sweet, pickled jalapeño goodness onto burgers, hotdogs, nachos and place in sandwiches and burritos.

For a smaller get-together charcuterie mustard is really scrumptious with just a sharp or smoked cheese and a nice pretzel. Of course don’t forget to include a cold pint of beer for an exquisite finish.

Charcuterie mustard is the caviar of mustard. With a beautiful texture and excellent pop, this is a must for dry-cured meats and sharp hard cheeses.

Spicy Tomato Spread is an all-natural combination of savory, spicy and sweet – hitting all the right notes. It pairs with almost every type of cheese, egg dish, burger and grilled cheese sandwich. Garden fresh and full of flavour, you will never want ketchup again. 

Janis is in our cheese department on weekends to slice cheese and offer advice. If you need a meat sliced, Janis, Margaret or Herma will be happy to perform this service for you. A wonderful assortment of cheeses may be found in our coolers, perfect for a long weekend of fun.

Herma’s Signature Products

Accept no substitutes…Herma’s Signature Products have been tried and true for over 15 years. Since 2005 Herma’s Signature Products have been handmade in our kitchen on a weekly basis using fresh ingredients in small batches.

Chicken Liver Pâté – Goat Cheese Rounds – Lemo-licious Cheese – Savoury Cheddar Spread – Bacon Cheddar Spread – Beer Cheese – Herma’s Chèvre – Stilton Pâté – Sundried Tomato Dip – Bacon Cheddar Spread

photos by local photographer Gary Mulcahey and Barry Mortin

Herma’s scrumptious spreads, dips and pates are very versatile and may be served as a fancy hors d’oeuvres, eaten as a casual midnight snack or used as an ingredient in a recipe.

Our favourite ways to serve…

Savoury Cheddar – The possibilities are endless for this spread as it may be placed as an ingredient in any dish requiring cheddar. We love it in an omelet. 

Seafood Dazzler – Combine it with cucumber to make tea sandwiches or toss with grilled shrimp (sliced) in a sauce pan to be placed in a toasted brioche roll.

Lemo-licious – Place on crostini or melba round and top with salmon and dill.

Bacon Cheddar Spread – Consider placing it on a tasty hamburger, baked potato or baked potato skin. Of course, spreading it on a crostini by itself is a big hit too.

photo by local photographer Gary Mulcahey

Stilton Pate – For those that love Stilton, dollop on a steak or hamburger or spread on a pumpernickel round.

Herma’s Chèvre – This is another versatile product that may be used in many ways. We suggest tossing in pasta or stuffing in chicken breasts.

How long will they last?

We expect products to last approximately two weeks when stored in a cooler or fridge. Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese and Stilton Pâté may be kept frozen and will keep for 6 months.

The best vehicle for cheese, dips and spreads? Herma’s Homemade Crostini

The best platform from which to serve cheese, salami, ham, veggies and fruit? Harry’s Wooden Boards (the largest are made of solid cherry and are branded with Herma’s Fine Foods & Gift’s name)

NEW at Herma’s

The Shortbread Company Cookies – NOW in Jars

The Shortbread Company’s success is due to a mother-daughter team, Rose-Mary Sweetman and Rosie Tejnor of Cobourg. Together they pour two generations of care and craftsmanship into every handmade cookie they bake.

At Herma’s we have been proud to offer their delicious, buttery mini shortbread for years and are excited to offer The Shortbread Company’s cookies with NEW packaging. Their jars are charming for gift-giving and a lovely way to serve and store.

Find at Herma’s…

Lime – Lemon – Lavender – Dark Chocolate w/ Pecan & Toffee – Raspberry

Have a wonderful long weekend. We look forward to seeing you in coming days.

Stay safe and be well.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts