Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We hope the pictures and descriptions, below, will help guide you in your gift-buying. We wish all of you a Happy Father’s Day. 

We are offering a NEW whisky set with mountain sculptures. Not only does the decanter have a mold inside that represents Mount Everest, but each individual whiskey glass also has a mold that represents a different mountain…K2, Mount Fuji, Mount Denali and Mont Blanc. A gorgeous set for Dad that can be chilled in 18 seconds with no ice required!

photo by Mistral

We offer a varied selection of Mistral for Men Soaps, Eau de Parfum and post shave products. Each offers a beautiful, masculine fragrance that is intoxicating.

photo by Mistral


Our signature blend of cool marine breezes and Atlas pine creates an exhilarating, easy-to-wear fragrance with a natural allure. Raw and elemental, evoking salt-strewn waves on the open sea and towering forests, it captures the rugged spirit of Provence. – Mistral

photo by Mistral


Warm, full-bodied and complex, the subtle sweetness of vanilla spiced with smoked oak and a twist of golden tobacco leaf delivers an elegant and distinguished scent. Bold and alluring, with old world charm, it is simply irresistible. – Mistral

photo by Holdsworth

World’s Best Dad chocolates from Holdsworth contains a selection of creamy ganache truffles, fluffy fruity creams & moreish pralines enrobed in decadent dark, milk & white chocolate.

The Smoked Cocktail Set by Viski is designed specifically to infuse whiskey and other spirits with smoke. A gift for the adventurous drinker and connoisseur.

Beer Glasses 20% off

Herma’s has an amazing selection of not just Whisky glasses, but beer glasses of all kinds as well. 

Whisky Business Coasters makes for a whimsical gift. Maybe a bottle of whisky or a nice whisky glass is in order paired with these coasters.

photo by Spiegelau

If you really want to please the dad that loves beer, the beer container pictured with spout will certainly do the trick. It contains stick that may keep your beer cool when frozen. 

Dreamfarm Grilling Tools 50% off

photos by Dreamfarm

What’s in the box?

1 x BBQ Brizzle  –  silicone basting brush

1 x BBQ Clongs – click lock tongs

1 x BBQ Chopula – flexible chopping spatula

1 x Tool holder – magnetic holder and bottle opener

You may also purchase each tool separately.

photo by Dreamfarm

BBQ Clongs 50% off

Tongs that open or lock closed with the click of a button, prick sausages, scrape, and sit up off your bench.

photo by Dreamfarm

BBQ Chopula 50% off

A flexible stainless steel spatula that is serrated for cutting, scrapes your BBQ clean, and sits up.

photo by Dreamfarm

BBQ Brizzle 50% off

A silicone basting brush that scoops up sauce, drizzles to baste on or off the grill, and sits up with no drips.

Gordon has created two fabulous Father’s Day Gift Baskets ready to be purchased. The Gift Basket, pictured, contains Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Whisky Maple BBQ Sauce, Peppercorn Whisky Sauce and the Glendale Whisky Glass – a lovely gift!