Smoke Show at Herma’s

Smoke Show

One day in 2015 Dave Rose decided he would produce a hot sauce of his own, picking up the jalapenos he needed on his way to his parents’ house. Meanwhile, his brother Nick waited for him with ribs in a smoker, unaware that all of these factors would conspire to create a National food Brand built on serendipity and smoked jalapeños. Years later they offer an amazing selection of sauces that elevates your sandwiches, wings, ribs, pork, eggs and hamburgers with delicious, complex flavors. – Smoke Show

Smoke Show Jalapeno Ranch

This is Smoke Show’s jalapeño version of North America’s most beloved sauce. This jalapeño ranch is perfectly balanced, spicy and tangy, and unbelievably addicting. Perfect for as a dressing or dipping sauce, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to use it in all your meals. Put jalapeño ranch on your wings, pizza, vegetables, potatoes, the possibilities are endless. Gluten free.

Smoke Show Jalapeño BBQ Sauce

Inspired by Southern barbecue flavours, this sauce highlights a more savoury profile than other BBQ sauces. The mix of cajun spices, apples, and smoked jalapeños brings a nice balance of sweet and spicy that is great on anything. Try this spicy bbq sauce on pork ribs, steak, grilled chicken, and even eggs in the morning. Vegan and gluten free.

Smoke Show Jalapeño Dijonnaise

Perfect for any sandwich, marinade or salad dressing, this sauce is the ultimate marriage of dijon mustard and mayonnaise. Made with smoked jalapeño peppers, this dijonnaise sauce is packed full of flavour with just enough kick to keep you coming back for more. Gluten free.

Smoke Show Jalapeño Hot Sauce

The one that started it all. This is the original sauce in the Smoke Show lineup, and still the most popular to date. With a delicious blend of lightly smoked jalapeño peppers and a hint of Canadian maple syrup, Smoke Show’s hot sauce delivers on all levels. This sauce is smokey, spicy and subtly sweet making it the perfect sauce for anything that needs a kick. Try it on sandwiches, pizza, oysters, mixing as a marinade or salad dressing for a sweet kick.

Smoke Show Jalepeno Aioli Sauce

Smoke Show Aioli which is made with lightly smoked jalapeño peppers. This aioli is an incredibly delicious replacement for mayonnaise. Put your aioli on a burger, in a sandwich, in a potato salad or even as a vegetable dip.

Featured photo and product descriptions by Smoke Show