Herma’s News – Ready for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas, Herma’s NEW Hours of Operations

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Dear Customers,

This week at Herma’s we are enchanted by all the Easter Chocolate and cute cuddly rabbits and tulip girls that have just recently arrived. Not only are we excited about Easter, however…St. Patrick’s Day is only one week away. A great time to celebrate in hope for better days.

Easter Chocolates at Herma’s

This year, Easter rivals Christmas at Herma’s for the amount of chocolates and treats we are offering for the season. It feels so magical and cheerful, one would think the Easter Bunny himself came for a visit creating pretty displays of chocolate and treats.

1/3 photo by Aunt Sara’s

Below is just some of what you will find…

Holdsworth Chocolate from England

Chocolate Strawberry Easter Egg with Popping Candy, also included in box…Marc de Champagne Truffles topped with Popping Candy (seen in picture below)

Pretty little box of Easter Eggs filled with Sea Salt Caramel (seen in picture above)

Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Sea Salt Caramel Truffles included in box (seen in picture below)

Hot Chocolate Bombs for Easter

Melts in your mug of hot milk. Fun to watch!

Hot Chocolate Bunny Bombs  with Marshmallows – Easter Egg Hot Chocolate Bombs with Marshmallows

Galerie au Chocolate

Tulip Design Box of Handcrafted, Belgian Chocolate which includes creative flavours like Carrot Cake, Rocky Road, Chocolate Barks, Speckled Eggs and Caramel Crispy Rice – Also find wrapped with ribbon their milk and dark assorted chocolates for a traditional classic.

NEW from Aunt Sara’s

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Gift Box (seen in picture above) – Classic Belgian Truffles (gold box) – Belgian 54% Raspberry Puree Truffles – Krispy Clumps – Sweet & Salty Peanut Crunch – Dark Chocolate Butter Crisps –  Chocolate French Mint Leaves

NEW Bunny Dolls and Tulip Girls

Couldn’t be cuter, these adorable dolls will make the most precious gift for little ones at Easter.

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

These delicious, easy-to-prepare food ideas are not only special because they are traditionally enjoyed in Ireland, they are also perfect meals to enjoy during the last days of winter.

Irish Stew

Transform the Village Grocer’s Beef, Beer & Onions by making it over into an Irish Stew for St. Patrick’s Day. Add Hak’s carrots and peas, also potatoes (boiled, sliced and quartered).

Bangers and Mash

Place the Village Grocer Mashed Potatoes on a plate with two Village Grocer Sausages on top. Pour a mixture of gravy and broth over the food and you have a delicious Bangers & Mash. Add a can of Jean Nicolas’ Peas for something green.

Tip: Herma likes to add olive oil and/or melted butter to her mashed potatoes for smoother consistency.

Enjoy each of these dishes with a nice tall glass of Guinness as you make a toast to the Emerald Isle. 

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Irish Cheeses for your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration