This Week’s Cheeses – Perfect for a holiday cheese platter.

Oro Rosso

A firm blue cheese from Italy covered with red berries and Raboso wine. A lovely combination!


A semi-hard to hard cheese from the Alps of Northern Italy whose production dates back to the Celts. Its made from cow’s milk with the addition of 10-20% of goat’s milk. To be cut into this weekend.


Soft, cow’s milk cheese from France that  has a rich and creamy flavour. Its recognizable by the layer of ash that was once placed there to seperate the morning and evening milk.

Raclette with Peppercorn

Raclette de Compton with peppercorn in the middle is an organic, cow’s milk cheese that is semi-soft and supple with melting capability that is buttery with chestnut flavours.

Other fun additions to your Cheese Platter

Special Honeys (found in the Cheese Shop)

Chestnut Honey – Fig & Acacia Honey – Pistachio, Nuts & Honey

Torta di Sienna (found in the Studio)

These round cakes from Italy may be sliced into little triangles and placed on your cheese platter.


Have sliced to your liking…

Fennel Salami – Porchetta Ham – Prosciutto – Pancetta – NEW Mortadella

Note: Mortadella is a large Italian smoked sausage from Bologna, Italy.

All meats ready for slicing are imported from Italy with special designation status. This special status ensures that the meat is produced in the same way it was produced years ago. So you can count on it being healthy with no preservatives or nitrates.

Be sure to ask for Janis, Margaret, Cora Lee or Herma to slice these amazing meats to your liking. They will be happy to provide this service for you.

And in our coolers find all sorts of packaged meat including something new – Prosciuttini which is a fun little cut of Prosciutto you may find interesting.