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Herma’s News – Easter Preparation

The first real day of spring is like the first time a boy holds your hand. A flood of skin-tingling warmth consumes you, and everything shines with a fresh, colorful glow, making you forget that anything as cold and harsh as winter ever existed. – Richelle E. Goodrich

Dear Customers,

Easter is just two weeks away and we are all a flurry. We know that Easter is a special time to be around the table with friends and family. Be sure to come to Herma’s to stock up on all the wonderful cheeses, foods, and chocolates we have available.

Herma’s Easter Hours – Open all weekend!

Come in for last minute shopping as we are open all weekend (9-6 Thursday and Friday, 9-5 Saturday – Wednesday).

Order your hams for Easter today!

Last Day to Order – Tuesday, April 11th

Earliest Pick up – Friday, April 14th

Harry and Herma happy to help!

Our Village Grocer Maple Sugar Hams may be purchased as a whole ham (for large gathering), half hams (6-10 people depending on how they are sliced), or nugget hams (4-6 people).

Slice it yourself or have us slice it to your liking. We aim to please!

Our Grocery List for Easter

From our freezer section!

Potatoes – Mashed Potatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Garlic Potato Puff, Potato Puff with Cheese

Gravy – Beef, Chicken, and Turkey

Other – Turnip Puffs, Sweet Potato Puffs, Cabbage Rolls, Brandied Cranberry Sauce, Chicken Stock, Sausage Rolls, Baguette Bread (along with other Manoucher Bread), the Village Kitchen Soups, and the Village Kitchen dinners (made fresh in a kitchen just an hour’s drive from Herma’s).

Also remember that our La Rocca cakes are wonderful for Easter celebrating!

For Easter gift-giving!

JellyCat Bunnies
Jellycat Bunnies


Fraktal Chocolates – Bellissima (Mrs. B’s) Belgian Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Belgian Chocolate Easter Pigs – The Short Bread Co. Lemon and Lime Cookies – Godiva – Jelly Cat Bunnies (in all shapes, colors, and sizes) – Children’s Books (about bunnies) – Michel Design Lapin Soaps, Lotions, and Candles (beautifully packaged with pictures of rabbits) + our Herma’s Gift Certificates (wrapped especially for spring).

Taco’s Find – The Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set

Set dégustation Whisky

This whiskey tasting set from Peugeot contains a uniquely shaped glass, metal chilling base, and coaster. It is specially designed to bring out the subtleties and aromas of whiskeys and spirits such as cognac and Armagnac. The metal chilling base cools the spirit for up to 30 minutes. Without the use of ice and without a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of the scents, the chilling adds a refreshing quality, revealing the complexity of delicate notes. The shape of the glass isn’t too dissimilar to that of a fire-lit lamp, dispelling the fragrance of the whiskey just right.

The Village Kitchen Weekly Special – Starting Thursday!

basket of Village Kitchen foods
The Village Kitchen

25% off Chicken Lasagna with Spinach & Mushrooms (860 grams, WAS $17.95, NOW $13.50) and Chicken Orzo & Rapini Soup (1 litre, WAS $8.99, NOW $6.74)

Cheese Department

So many lovely cheeses arriving at Herma’s. Of special mention especially for your Easter entertaining are…

Hatley Road

Hatley Road is named after the road that stagecoaches used when traveling between Quebec and Boston. It is an organic farm cheese made from the milk of Holstein cows that feed off the grass and plants of that area.  Its aroma is floral and fruity.


History Trivia

Taleggio is a cow’s milk cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy whose production dates back to 1200. Prior to the 1900’s the cheese was called stracchino meaning tired or exhausted. It was called this because of how tired the cows were after their journey from Alpine pastures to the plains. It was upon their arrival to the plains that these tired cows were milked. Presently, it is named after the high mountain valley from which the cheese derives.

Taleggio has a strong aroma, yet tastes rather mild with a tangy, meaty flavour and fruity finish. Pair with a wide range of Italian whites and reds.

and drum roll please….two cheeses that will be fabulous for Easter…

Choco 21

Each wheel of mild blue cheese is pierced and infused with Choco 21 Liqueur. This allows the cheese to absorb the rich chocolate flavour. It is then dusted in cocoa powder before being topped with white and milk chocolate chips. Smooth and creamy in texture, this unique cheese is sure to be a big hit. Get your slice while supply lasts.

Also from Moro Formaggi…


A BRAND-NEW blue cheese from Northern Italy infused with amaretto liqueur. Also expected to be a crowd-pleaser!

We hope you will come by to see us in the coming days as you plan for your Easter holiday.

Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts