Herma and Margo at Open House

Herma’s 25th Annual Open House 2017 – Pictures in Review

Herma’s 25th Annual Open House

Our Open House 2017 included many guests and lots of wonderful foods. We offered foods like brisket of beef, steak, salmon, gourmet grilled cheese, risotto, shrimp, panettone, an anti-pasta platter, Herma’s Signature Products, and an abundance of beautiful cheeses. We appreciate all who took part. Below is a picture in review…

Herma offering her favorite cut of meat, beef brisket.

Margot Silver offering an array of foods including risotto.

Cathy cutting a festive cheese.

Jennifer carving delicious Italian salami.

Panettone is a special treat at our Open House.

Theo Georgatos and Richard Saxe from Findlay Foods

Herma’s daughter, Chef Renee Ender-Amir offering a beautiful anti-pasta platter.

Renee, Herma, and Lucinda excited about the Open House.

Norah and Barbara create Signature Products daily.

Gift wrap is complimentary on regular-priced items of $25 or more.

Friend Marilyn taking home gift.

Carol Karrangus from Jacqueline Kent offered advice on how to wear her fashionable jewelry.