Herma’s Signature Products – Made from scratch in our kitchen!

Herma’s Signature Products are made from scratch in our very own kitchen!

We love our delightful dips, spreads, and concoctions as an appetizer before dinner or at an elegant party and are proud that they are made in our very own kitchen. 

Some of our classic favorites are…

Stilton Pâté

Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds

To create this delightful spread Margaret starts out with a fresh goat cheese and then tops it with roasted red peppers, herbs, capers, and other spices. A fine Italian olive oil is generously added to make it extra special. Just take it home…it’s ready for you to place in your own lovely dish (We use a martini glass). Serve with crostini’s..impressive and you didn’t have to do a thing.


Herma’s Savoury Cheddar Spread

A wonderful blend of the finest Canadian Cheddar, made with herbs and spices, Worcestershire and hot sauce! This is an original that our customers have been loving for years! Perfect in a cheese omelet too!

Savoury Cheddar

Herma’s Signature Products include…

Chicken Liver Pate – Stilton Pate – Herma’s Chevre – Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds – Savoury Cheddar Spread – Lemo-licious Cheese – Beer Cheese – Seafood Dazzler – Sundried Tomato Dip