Herma’s News – Village Grocer Products for 26 Years, Ontario-Made Foods, Lampe Berger and Easter

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.’ Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. – Muhammad Ali

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your continued support. The positive feedback and encouraging words we have received through  phone calls, emails and nice comments on Facebook have meant a great deal to us as we continue to stay open for curbside pick-up and delivery. (For more about Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery find information at the bottom of this newsletter.)

We hope you are all staying well, and for those that aren’t we extend our heartfelt hope that you may have a speedy recovery. You are not alone. We all stand together in this and need to do our part, even if that involves staying safely at home.

This unsettling time has made us reflect on what makes us thankful. That includes a business relationship that has spanned many years.

The Village Grocer and Herma’s

A friendly partnership lasting 26 years!

We extend a big thank you to the Village Grocer for supplying us with a bounty of their delicious foods during this difficult time. We feel so privileged to serve their foods within our community and hope that you and yours have the opportunity to enjoy all they have to offer.

Foods we offer from the Village Grocer…

Frozen Entrees, Soups and Sides – Quiche – Chicken, Turkey and Meat Pies – Flattened Chicken – Steaks – Ham – Pork Tenderloins – Bacon – Pepperettes – Gravy – Chicken Stock – Beef Stock – and so much more

We expect to get a delivery soon so stay tuned to Facebook for what we have to offer.

The Village Kitchen Entrees, Sides and Soups

Supporting Local Businesses

Let’s not forget to also support other companies that create wonderful foods within Canada.

Ontario foods we offer…

Saucy Dotty’s Gourmet Sauce – The Soup Girls Jarred Soup Mixes – Dave’s Gourmet Sauces – Epicentre Spices – David’s Condiments – The Shortbread Company Cookies – Fraktals Chocolates – Pickard’s Peanuts –  Rootham’s Gourmet Preserves and Dressings – The Garlic Box Seasonings, Dressings and Preserves – Dancing Bee Honey – the Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Pizza – Manoucher Bread – Great Canadian Meat Company Salami – Seed to Sausage Salami – Hurt Berry Farm Hot Sauces – Uncle Chester’s Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce – Herma’s Signature’s Products (Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese and Stilton Pate) – and so much more

We can’t stress enough how important it is, at a time like this, to support local businesses.

If we have forgotten to mention other Ontario-made foods we carry, please let us know so that we may add them to our weekly list.

Newly Arrived! – Fennel Salami

We are excited to once again offer this fabulous meat. Be sure to add Fennel Salami to your next order.

Lampe Berger at Herma’s

Let the lamp’s catalytic system for purifying air freshen up a stuffy room.

Their history

Designed in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals, the small catalytic lamp created by pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger, quickly became very popular with the public. Redesigned by famous designers and embraced by leading figures from the art community (Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette and Jean Cocteau), it was then fitted with a perfuming function and gradually became a style icon, appreciated for its sleek design and its delicate fragrances.

The Lampe Berger is a functional and attractive accessory which has spanned the years, purifying indoor air and adding an elegant or contemporary touch to every home. – Maison Berger

We offer an array of lamps and over 25 fragrances from which to choose. If you don’t own one, consider ordering a Starter kit beginning @ $49.99. It includes everything you need to get started.

Easter Preparations

The cheerful occasion of celebrating Easter is fast approaching. For gift-giving, even if just for yourself, consider…

Jelly Cat Bunnies  – Gift Baskets – Wrapped Gift Certificates – Michel Design’s bunny-themed Soaps, Lotions and Napkins – Fraktals – Godiva Chocolates – Shortbread Co. Cookies

Jellycat Bunnies come in lavender, white, brown, navy and pink. So soft and cuddly!

Gift Basket with small box of Godiva and Michel Design products.

The last two Gift Baskets pictured above come with Jellycat Bunnies, Fraktals and Michel Design’s bunny-themed Soaps, Lotions, Napkins and more.

Have gift baskets delivered! 

Have a gift basket delivered to a loved one or friend. Let us lovingly choose and arrange items ourselves or have it  custom-made by telling us what you would like inside. Gift baskets are a great way to add cheer to any home.

Let us fulfill your Easter needs!

We love the beautiful decorating and good foods that come with celebrating this holiday. If you have anything you would especially like for Easter, please let us know so that we may take care of your needs.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods and Gifts