Herma’s News – First Signs of Spring, Food Suggestions, Tagine Recipe and more!

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Dear Customers,

While we know it is still dead of winter, our first sign of spring has just arrived with Michel Design Work’s gorgeous floral collections. Come get out of the cold for a little escape into the pretty little world that is uniquely Herma’s, and while you’re there, stock up on pâtés, pesto and spreads that will bring exotic flavour to your kitchen.

NEW Michel Design Work’s Spring Collection

Find soaps, lotions, candles, scented drawer liners, pillows, napkins, tea towels, paper placemats, aprons and home fragrances in various floral bouquets.

Birds and Butterflies (Acacia Flowers sweetened with Plum and Vanilla) – Deborah’s Garden (Jasmine and Cyclamen) – Gardenia (Gardenia and Plum Blossom, Bergamot, Toffee) – Lavender RosemaryRoyal RoseSweet Floral Melody (Bouquet of White Flowers and Tuberose touched w/ Honey, Coconut & Mimosa) – Lemon BasilHoney Almond (Sweet Almond with Cherry, Vanilla and Honey)

NEW arrival! Spring and Summer Linens

At Herma’s find beautiful napkins, table runners, tablecloths, dish towels and aprons.

NEW Pâtés, Pesto and more

We now carry an amazing selection of products from BELAZU that will add depth, flavour and complexity to your dishes.

Shawarma Paste is lovely spread onto a warm pita with roasted veggies, as a marinade for chicken, lamb or vegetable kebabs, dolloped onto hummus, added to roasted carrots before serving, and tossed with cauliflower florets before roasting.

Note: Always add at the end of your preparation if given a choice.

Tagine Paste offers an intense, smokey flavour which may be enjoyed in stews, pot roasts and on roasted veggies. Also use as a base for tomato sauce and mixed into Middle Eastern meatballs. (Find Tagine recipe using this paste in a link further on in the newsletter.)

Made with smoked paprika and Beldi Preserved Lemons.

Black Olive Tapenade is lovely added to a tuna salad, stuffed under the skin of roasted chicken, stirred into a tomato sauce, used as a pizza topping or spread onto a cheese and tomato toastie.

The finest Moroccan olives are blended with capers, garlic and sundried tomatoes to make up this award-winning, rich, umami paste.

Rose Harissa Pesto is yummy spread on toast with scrambled eggs or smashed avocado, added to mussels steamed with white wine and crème fraiche, mixed into a salsa and coated onto a chicken breast or roast.

Aubergine & Parmesan Pesto is wonderful as a topping for bruschetta, added to slow-cooked lamb dish, as a warm dressing for boiled green beans or chick peas and roasted tomatoes, and also as a layer for lasagna or added to minced beef.

Also from BELAZU…

At Herma’s we carry three different types of ketchup which are packed with Mediterranean tomatoes, award-winning Preserved Lemons, Balsamic Tomatoes and Date Molasses which are made with 100% Medjool dates.

Bring Morocco to your kitchen!

Tagine Cooking

photo by Emile Henry

Emile Henry Tagine Pots – Find at Herma’s!

The unique shape of Emile Henry’s ceramic lid allows evaporated juices to circulate resulting in tender, moist and flavorful cuisine.

Did you know?

In Morocco, the cooking pot, or tagine rather, is given as a traditional wedding gift to new couples. But instead of giving newly purchased pots, families hand down their oldest, most treasured tagines as something special. It is believed that, after many years of use, each one imparts its own special flavor to the stew within.

Moroccan food is often eaten directly from the Tagine, however individual plates may be used as well. Tasty juices develop while the food is simmering. When this juice is soaked up by rice or mopped up with naan bread, it is just as delicious as the meat and veggies themselves. The naan bread may also be used to pick up food.

Tagine Recipe from BELAZU

For a delicious tagine recipe go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the link below…

Tagine Recipe – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Recommendations

Spicy Tomato Spread

photo by Salt Spring Kitchen Co.

Salt Spring Kitchen’s signature spread brings fresh ginger, onions, jalapeños, and a cheeky heat. Pairs with aged Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, smoked Gouda, grilled cheese, avocado toast, sandwiches, burgers, eggs, and tourtière. Pictured in the photo is a turkey burger made more flavorful with the yummy, spicy punch of Salt Spring Kitchen’s Spicy Tomato Spread.

Sour Cherry, Rhubarb & Rosemary Fruit Spread

This delicious fruit spread offers a hint of rosemary that bridges sweet and savory. Pairs with Blue Cheese, Brie, Camembert, Ricotta, sourdough, chocolate cake and cocktails.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Olympic Celebration Cheese Sale
Enjoy 25% off these winners…
Blue d’Auvergne (intense and crumbly blue from France) – Riopelle (soft triple-cream from Quebec) – Red Fox (sharp Red Leicester cheese from the United Kingdom) – & other surprises!


Be sure to ask Janis, Margaret or Herma to slice your Prosciutto, Fennel Salami and Porchetta Ham to your liking. These meats come direct from Italy and are created with special designation status. This is an indication that your meat will be healthy and delicious. We also carry wonderful Ontario-made salami, including Bison.

Good News…Homemade Crostini is being made every Friday in Herma’s very own kitchen. There is no better vehicle for cheese.

NEW at Herma’s – Aunt Sarah’s Truffles

Also excited to announce that we now carry Aunt Sara’s Truffles. Find delicious assortments with your choice of milk chocolate, raspberry chocolate and dark chocolate.

We hope you have a lovely week.

Be safe and stay well.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts