Herma’s News – Port Sipper, Food Adventures, Cheese Platter Suggestions

There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye; There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by. – William Cullen Bryant

Enter Herma’s and you will find beautiful flowers, fragrant soap and wrapped-gift baskets cheerful for spring. Venture further into Herma’s labyrinth of aisleways and shelves and you will find that we are brimming over with amazing foods, both old favourites you love as well as new foods to discover.

Discovering what is NEW at Herma’s

Port Sippers (Port Pipe)

Port sippers have been around since the late 1700’s and are shaped like cigar pipes. The special feature of this glass is a pipe that allows you to sip the wine from the bottom of the glass. When you drink from the bottom you are tasting wine that has not yet been oxidized and therefore getting to experience the full flavour of the drink.

Discovering NEW Flavours & Textures

We believe the choosing and enjoyment of foods is an adventure that calls for the discovery of new flavours and textures that will delight our tastebuds and feel pleasurable on the tongue. Below are three food suggestions we believe will certainly fit the bill.

Truffle Butter

photo by Borgo de’ Medici Cucina

This truffle butter is perfect with eggs, hot baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries, risotto, pasta sauce and even popcorn. We love a spoonful on a just-cooked steak or placed on toasted bread with grated Parmigiana to serve as a tasty appetizer.

Gnocchi – Try toasting in a pan!

photo by Pasta Rummo

Rummo Gnocchi are little dumplings made from 100% Italian mashed potatoes. Packages of Gnocchi will generally have instructions for boiling them, only takes two minutes. Afterwards, however, try toasting or frying them in a pan so that they go from wet and dense to light and toasty. While the flavour may not drastically change, we believe the difference in texture is definitely a game changer.

Instructions for frying...Heat non-stick pan (or cast iron skillet) on high. – Add 2 tablespoons of butter until butter has melted. – Reduce heat to medium/low and Add 500 grams of gnocchi (don’t overcrowd). – Stir every few minutes, until crisped to your liking (around 5 to 10 minutes). They should be golden and crispy on the outside but remain fluffy and soft on the inside, so be careful not to overcook.

Note: If the gnocchi is vacuum packed and pre-boiled there will be no need to boil.

What we love to add with our Gnocchi…

Sauces…Alfredo (involving cream and parmigiana), Pesto, Marinara Sauce or Butter

Cheeses…Parmigiana (grated), Pecorino (grated), Cream Cheese, Goat Cheese or Mozzarella

Foods…Bread Crumbs, Meatballs, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Zucchini, Peas or Spinach

photo by Pasta Rummo

Just received a shipment and are well stocked with over 40 types of pasta including gnocchi (gluten-free and regular). Possibilities for cooking Italian in the kitchen are endless when you shop at Herma’s.


Angry Cat Photo by 3 Angry Cats

The uniquely delicious jams, hot sauces, barbecue sauces and more from 3 Angry Cats, listed below, will give your taste buds that WOW factor we all crave.

Jams (w/ Serving Suggestions)

Summer Peach & Bourbon Jam (buttermilk biscuits, crepes, tarts) – Strawberry & Amaretto Jam (vanilla ice cream, pound cake) – Wild Blueberry & Vodka Jam (peanut butter and jelly, on just-grilled steak, toast) – Black Cherry & Brandy Jam (pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese, Black Forest Cake, Roasted Duck Breast) – Blackberry & Rum Jam (Spanish Manchego cheese pairing, hot porridge)

Hot Sauces (w/ Serving Suggestions)

Cat Fight Hot Sauce (white fish fillets or tofu for grilling, white rice (with fresh parsley and pine nuts) – Hell Cat Hot Sauce (One of the hottest! meat, burgers, mix a small spoonful with mayo for a creamy hot condiment) – Maple Forest Hot Sauce (A milder hot sauce! Try it on vanilla ice cream or on hot popcorn. Adds depth to Asian food when you want a bit of sweetness.) – Tequila Bomb Hot Sauce (wings, greasy food, charcuterie platter, pizza slice) – Scratch Fever Grim Reaper Hot SauceTom Cat Fireball Whisky Wing Sauce

Also find flavourful barbecue sauces and other exciting foods from 3 Angry Cats as well.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

With nicer weather looming you may be wishing to take a hike through the forest or go for a pretty country drive. Be sure to take a yummy snack from Herma’s Cheese Shop when you do.

We suggest…

Isle-aux-Grues Cheddar

This two-year-old, raw cow’s milk cheddar from Isle-aux-Grues, a small island north of Quebec City, has a fruit and nut aroma. Having aged two years it will be firm, dry and slightly granular.

White Fox Leicester

Handcrafted at Belton Farm in Shropshire, England, White Fox is an aged White Leicester – a modern British cheese offering a rugged feel and depth of flavour – mellow, rich and nutty. Pairs well with bold, full-bodied red wines, light beers and ciders.

The Preservatory Preserves – Perfect for Cheese Pairings

photo by The Preservatory

The Preservatory preserves are made in small batches using copper kettles and traditional cooking methods. That’s not all, much of their fruit has been grown right on their farm in BC, Vista D’oro. Their delicious and versatile artisanal preserves are meant for pairing, serving on a cheese platter, as a glaze for roasting meats or simply served alongside fresh baked scones.

At Herma’s find…Orchard Pear & Pinot Noir – Crabapple with Lavender & Gin – Rhubarb & Vanilla Caramelized Onion with Black Cherry

Fig Salami

To round out your cheese platter, or to take as a snack on the road along with your cheese, try these raw, all-natural, plant-based fig salamis that come in six delicious flavours. Each is crafted from the finest selections of non-GMO Greek figs (PDO Kimi) – healthy, all-natural and delicious.

Quick Reminder – Yard work calls for easy at-home dining!

While doing gardening and yard work you will want no-mess, no-stress meals. The Village Grocer Frozen Entrees and Soups will provide you the ability to not have to think about food or work hard cleaning it up. What’s more? They are delicious. Find in Herma’s freezers.

Have a wonderful weekend. We look forward to seeing you in coming days.

TEASER ALERT! Our 30th anniversary is next month. Expect an exciting announcement to commemorate this special anniversary.