Guide to Herma’s Room of Chocolates, Cookies and Cakes

Below is a guide to just some of our Italian chocolates, cakes and cookies that might help you with your decision making as you peruse our selection. 

Panettone, a light brioche-style Italian cake, comes in many different forms – traditional, studded with candied fruit, citrussy and chocolatey. We are proud of our large selection of Panettone which are made from Italian families who have been baking and hand packaging their Panettone for generations. The above Panettone is infused with chocolate. Other new arrivals contain Gin and Sambuca Liqueur while others contain fruit like pear and lemon.

Torta de Siena Paneforts

Panforte, a cross between cake and candy, is one of Siena’s most famous sweets which dates back to the Middle Ages. It is a spicy, dense cake made from dried figs, nuts, candied fruit, spices and a sugar/honey syrup. This delicious cake is sprinkled on both sides with powdered sugar. It is delightful by itself with coffee or enjoyed on a cheese plate with a mild Gouda. The cake was hand wrapped in Sienna.

Pink Wrap = Soft, Brown Wrap = Chocolate, Green Wrap = Figs and Walnuts

Ricciarelli di Siena I.G.P.

All products from Fabbrica Panforte are hand-wrapped with traditional Sienese paper with angel motif and are made without any preservatives.

The Ricciarelli made by Antichi Dolci di Siena are prepared with fresh almonds crushed just before use and blended with honey and sugar, each one skillfully worked by hand, delicately baked and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. These delicacies are truly unique and add glamour to any dessert tray.

Amaretti Cookies

Baratti & Milano’s Soft Amaretti cookies are a confection typical of the Piedmont region. Individually and elegantly wrapped in pretty pastel papers they make a beautiful addition to the dessert table. Baratti and Milano’s signature Amaretti cookies are unmistakable with their pronounced almond aroma – soft and fragrant with every bite.

Specialita di Pasticceria 

Within this beautiful green box find three types of amazing cookies popular throughout northern Italy – Soffici Amaretti Bulk Cookies, Paticceria Paste de Meligs and Paste de Meliga.

Soffici Amaretti

Soffici “Soft” Amaretti Bulk Cookies – Best served at room temperature or slightly warmed.
These soft delicious amaretto cookies can be paired with a chilled grappa after dinner, an afternoon tea or crumble them up and serve over your favorite ice cream for a delightful and unique treat!

Pasticceria Paste de Meligs are small Italian cookies that border on being fine pastries. These small bite sized cookies are sprinkled with the finest powdered sugar, ready to eat, or can be dressed up with what you have from the market – a fruity jam, nut spread or whipped cream and berries.

Paste di Meliga are crunchy, golden biscuits.  Meliga cookies  are often enjoyed alone with Italian wine. Legend has it that Cavour, a leading figure in the movement towards Italian unification in the 1800’s, would finish his meal with two Meliga cookies and a drop of Barolo Chinato.

Baratti & Milano Assorted Chocolate Pastry Cookies

A beautiful gift, the Baratti & Milano assorted chocolate pastry selection gift box is filled with three types of buttery and delicious Italian cookies, Sassellesi, Canestrelli and Baci of which are then all dipped in your favorite Baratti & Milano chocolate


Classic Gianduiotti 
Instantly recognizable by the gold foil wrapped prism shape are perhaps one of the most famous of all Italian chocolates. Creamy and smooth, a perfect balance between milk chocolate and hazelnut. Dark Chocolate or Fondente is available too.


Popular Italian Chocolates are called Cremino Chocolates which are often paired with hazelnut. In a box containing assorted chocolates you will often find…

Cremino Classico – Extra Dark Cremino – Pistachio Cremin – 4 Emozioni Cremino (Four layers from light hazelnut to increasingly dark. A delight of layered complexity.) – Whole Hazelnut Nocciolato

The ultimate gift of Baratti & Milano chocolate?

Not in our Studio, but a special, holiday treat we offer…

Baba au Rhum

Rum Babas were believed to have been invented in France by pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer in 1730. The addition of rum to the cakes was added to recipes in 1835. Baba au Rhum are traditionally served with a cherry garnish and a bit of whipped cream on top. It is also a decadent treat on its own enjoyed with coffee. The treat is now found in bakeries throughout Paris, especially during the holidays.

We are brimming over with all sorts of special treats only found during the Christmas Season. Come see!