Herma’s News – Signs of Autumn, OPEN Labour Day Monday, Food Suggestions

Blue poured into summer blue. A hawk broke from his cloudless tower. The roof of the silo blazed and I knew that part of my life was over. – Stanley Kunitz

Dear Customers,

Good News!! Herma’s is OPEN all weekend including Labour Day Monday.

While most people take time off work to celebrate one last hurrah before the unofficial end of summer, Herma and Harry have decided to keep their doors open, allowing you the opportunity to shop for fun party foods, last minute school lunch ingredients and to treat overnight guests with a fun shopping experience.

Herma’s Labour Day Shopping List

Giving summer a big send-off with all the works!

photo by Cafiti

Take a look at what Herma plans to take home.

Fuse & Sip Drink Kit – Himalayan Salt Potato Chips – Tortilla Chips – Dessert Pepper’s Corn Black Bean Red Pepper Salsa – French Lemonade – Shortbread Company’s Lavender Shortbread Cookies – Brie de Meaux – Provision’s Cherry Merlot Wine Jam –  Gouda – Divina’s Feta Stuffed Olives (hand picked olives from Greece) – Artisanal Salami – Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s Charcuterie Mustard – Chorizo – Prosciutto DOP – Cafiti’s Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles (seen above) – Artisanal Breadsticks – Salt Spring’s Pinot Noir Fleur de Sel – Manoucher’s Baguette – Cheesy Biscuits  – Marinated Herb & Garlic Shrimp Skewers – Iberian Pork Skewers – A L’Olivier’s Raspberry Vinaigrette – Marinated Flank Steaks – Dauphinoise Potatoes – Cafiti’s Pickled Beets – Herma’s Signature Pates and Spreads – Crackers – the Villag Grocer’s Broccoli Quiche (for guests) – and pretty paper napkins

Signs of Autumn

Whether you have children preparing for school or you are a farmer preparing for harvest, one can’t help but feel that the end of summer is near. While this makes us feel sad and wistful, Autumn fragrances, cozy foods and warm colours do bring a new kind of joy into our lives.

For instance, we love…

Thyme’s Heirlum Pumpkin Home Fragrance

photos by Thymes

The rich and decadent fragrance of a fresh-from-the-oven baked pumpkin treat will delicately envelope your space with notes of warm vanilla, spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and a drizzle of creamy caramel.

At Herma’s find…Home Fragrance Mist Spray – Aromatic Candles – Fragrance Diffusers

photos by Thymes


Michel Design Works Fall Designs

photos by Michel Design Works

At Herma’s find…Aprons – Kitchen Towels – Oven Mitts – Napkins – Paper Placemats

photos by Michel Design Works

New Arrival at Herma’s!

Good Citizen Sugar Cubes

These artisan coffee sugar cubes combine pure cane sugar and whimsical confections to sweeten coffee, expresso and hot chocolate. A cozy, old-world luxury infused with a modern twist.

photos by Good Citizen



Caramel Vanilla – Light Brown Pure Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Rose Cardamom – Pure Cane Sugar, Rose Water, Cardamom, Beet Juice
Orange Ginger – Pure Cane Sugar, Cold Pressed Ginger, Orange Zest, Ground Ginger
Chai Molasses – Dark Brown Pure Cane Sugar, Cold Pressed Ginger, Cardamom, Ground Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon
Chocolate Chili Sugar – Raw Cane Sugar, Cacao Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Ground Cinnamon

Also find Good Citizen’s Coffee Grinder and Portable Milk Frother at Herma’s.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Cheese Suggestions for your Labour Day Cheese Platter

Tallegio DOP – Moliterno Al Tartufo (sheep’s milk truffle cheese) – Brie de Meaux – Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Cheddar – Beemster’s Graskaas Gouda (made with the spring’s first milk) – St. Agur (soft blue cheese)

And for salads? Greek Feta Cheese PDO, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP or Cashel Blue

Herma’s Signature Products

Made fresh in our kitchen on a weekly basis, these no-fuss Signature Products are beautiful and delicious fitting right in with both casual snacking and fancy hors d’oeuvres.

Chicken Liver Pate – Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds – Lemo-licious Cheese – Savoury Cheddar Spread – Bacon Cheddar Spread – Beer Cheese – Herma’s Chevre – Stilton Pate – Sundried Tomato Dip – Sweety Drops – Spicy Pimento Spread

Grill ye hamburgers while ye may…

and top them off with only the best ingredients.

photo by Salt Spring Kitchen Co.

At Herma’s find…

Cafiti’s Fruit Ketchup – Smak Dab’s Beer Chipotle Mustard – Herma’s Stilton Pate – Cafiti’s Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles – St. Agur Blue Cheese – Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s Candied Jalapenos – Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s Spicy Tomato Savoury Spread – Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s Charcuterie Mustard – Bock’s Onion Confit with Beer and Berries – Smoke Show’s Aioli – Raclette Savoyarde

Taco’s Find…

NEW ICEPO from Dreamfarm

Just in time to use for an after-school treat!

photos by Dreamfarm

Push into your tub of ice cream. – Twist to cut. – Eject onto cookie. – Place another cookie on top for sandwich. – If desired…Roll in nuts or top ice cream with your favourite syrup.

Icepo scoops ½ cup portions for the shape of ice cream needed to fit perfectly on any store-bought cookie. The scoop’s stainless steel cutter and wires easily push into all types of ice cream, and its simple, one-handed design is comfortable and easy to use.

Another fun Labour Day dessert?

Gourmet du Village Skillet Kits…Apple Crumble – Chocolate Chip Cookie – Chocolate Brownie – S’mores

We hope you have a lovely Labour Day Weekend and that we see you in coming days as you prepare for the Autumn season ahead.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts