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Shopping has never been better at Herma’s. Whether shopping for something special or looking for that hard to find ingredient, we hope you will take a trip to see us.

Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

From Downton Abbey’s Kitchen to Yours 

photo by Mason Cash & Co

You can spot Mason Cash’s original cane bowl in almost every episode of Downton Abbey as Daisy and Mrs. Patmore prepare meals in the kitchen. Mason Cash bowls have also made their appearance on other British period dramas, like Upstairs Downstairs, for instance. And they have such a solid reputation as to have been used by bakers on the Great British Baking Show and by master bakers for recent royal weddings.

The origins of Mason Cash can be traced back to the heart of Derbyshire, England around the year 1800. Mason Cash ceramics were made from white and cane glazed earthenware also known as yellow ware. The pottery was run by a series of Master Potters, of whom the most colorful character was Bossy Mason. In 1901 Tom Cash acquired the pottery and renamed it Mason Cash and Co..

Most Mason Cash pieces, including their mixing bowls, are dishwasher safe and made of a high gloss, scratch-resistant glaze.

photo by Mason Cash & Co.

At Herma’s find the following Mason Cash pieces…

Original Cane Mixing Bowls (cane colored, 29 cm) –In the Forest Batter Bowl (white, 2 liter) – In the Forest Mixing Bowl ( green, 21 cm) – In the Forest Mixing Bowl (beige, 26 cm) – In the Forest Juicer – Innovative 4-Cup Measuring Cup – Innovative Kitchen Multi Measure Set – Innovative Garlic Store and Grater  –  Pestle & Mortar

Foxford Stoles and Throws

Woven in the West of Ireland Since 1892

photo by Foxford

A Foxford stole woven with exquisite extra fine merino wool is one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe! It may be styled in so many ways. Whether it’s draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your neck, we think it’s the perfect accessory as the cold winds of Autumn draw near.

Merino Wool Fact

The finest and softest sheep’s wool is Merino which comes from Merino sheep. A single Merino wool fiber is a fraction of the diameter of a human hair – very soft and easy on the skin.

photo by Foxford

Bring the rustic beauty of Ireland to your home with a stunning lamb’s wool throw made from 5% Cashmere and 95% Lambswool.

Enjoy the warmth and classic beauty of this expertly woven throw as you cuddle up on the sofa with a good book, sit stargazing on your back deck or as you enjoy the beauty of a  frosty morning.

LambsWool Fact

As with most wool and hair, the first shearing of sheep generally produces the finest and softest wool. This is referred to as Lambswool and is typically shorn from lambs younger than seven months old.

Herma’s Seafood Collection

Find canned and jarred goods from BC, Spain and Maine that will enhance dishes and bring exciting seafood flavours to your kitchen – seafood like Cuttlefish in Ink, Octopus, Clams, Tuna, Capers, Clam Sauce, Anchovies, Clam Chowder, Salmon, Lobster Bisque, Sockeye Salmon and so much more. 

To find out more about these lovely canned and bottled seafoods and how they may be used, including recipes, go to the blog section of our website, hermas.ca, or click on the link below…

Herma’s Seafood Collection – Find canned and jarred goods from BC, Maine and Spain! – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

Corn on the Cob

3 ways to make corn on the cob even more delicious…

photo by Saucy Dotty

1.Brush Saucy Dotty Gourmet Sauce on corn. Its bold, sweet heat will allow your corn to more perfectly pair with barbecued wings and pulled pork.

2. Also try one of our Gourmet du Village Seasonings…The Roasted Chipotle Grille Corn Seasoning -or- Jalapeno Ranch Corn Seasoning. This will allow your corn to better pair with Mexican or Tex Mex foods.

3.Corn on the Cob with Pecorino and Parmigiana Butter Mixture

We love Pecorino Toscano and Parmigiana mixed with butter and brushed onto corn on the cob (Ingredients for cheese/butter mixture: 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmigiana and 1/4 cup of freshly grated Pecorino Toscano, a crack of ground pepper).

Corn Grilling Tips

The key to grilling corn is to use medium heat. Once you see that the corn is starting to darken, turn just a little bit. Keep turning occasionally, little by little, every 3 minutes or so until it looks a little charred.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Coming this Friday!

Pacific Wild Fire

photo by Natural Pastures Cheese Company

When putting a cheese platter together this adventurous, semi-firm smoked cheese will have people talking. It combines locally grown habanero peppers with fresh cracked black pepper.  This pepper combination is added to Verdelait cheese, an award-winning combination of cheddar, raclette and gouda.

Great on a grilled hamburger!

photo by Epicurean

Don’t put away your barbecues just yet. This hot and spicy Verdelait cheese from Courtenay, British Columbia is fantastic on grilled burgers! Be sure to top your burger with grilled red onion and jalapeños. A nice stout of your choosing will make the perfect pairing. 

Pacific Wildfire Nacho Cheese Recipe

Find this delicious recipe from Natural Pastures Cheese Company through the blog section of our website, hermas.ca, or by clicking on the link below…

Pacific Wildfire Nacho Cheese Dip Recipe – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

NEW at Herma’s and also arriving this Friday…Chardonnay Bellavitano!

Sweety Drops – NOW in our Cheese Shop

Sweety Drops have a sugar-like sweetness which work well on salads, pizzas, sub sandwiches, pastas, couscous and as an added accompaniment on a charcuterie platter. These unique, tear-drop-shaped peppers that originated in the Highlands of Peru taste like extra flavorful sweet bell peppers. Find in our cheese shop!

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Meredith Ender

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