Herma’s Signature Product Backstory and Suggestions

Herma’s Signature Products

All you ever wanted to know about our exclusive line of pâtés, dips and spreads.

There are many reasons why Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts is special and unique. One of our most exciting is the production of Herma’s Signature Products – all lovely served as hors d’oeuvres, a snack, or used as an ingredient in a recipe.

What makes these products so special? One reason is that they are made fresh in small batches on a weekly basis in Herma’s very own kitchen. We would also have to say that it is due to the innovative creativity put forth by their creators.

How it all began…

Our Signature Products are a shared effort between what were once the recipes of Fitz-Henry Fine Foods in Toronto and Norah’s prized creations. Their secret recipes have become our secret recipes.

Norah began working in Herma’s Cheese Department on September 2nd, 2005. Norah, who once owned and operated a gourmet foods store of her own, Smile and Say Cheese, came to us after a brief retirement. We have been smiling ever since she walked through our doors as we value Norah’s ideas and all that she has brought to our table these past thirteen years.

Norah’s creations include…

Norah’s Cheese Medley – Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds – Herma’s Chevre – Herma’s Stilton Pâté

-Lemo-Licious – Sun Dried Tomato Dip – Seafood Dazzler – Cheddar Bacon Spread – Spicy Pimento

Herma and Harry have been enjoying the fine food business since 1993.

Fitz-Henry Fine Foods, a gourmet foods store that was situated on Bayview Avenue in Toronto, was an establishment that Herma and Harry frequented often since the beginning of Herma’s Fine Foods and Gifts in 1993. Over time, Herma and Harry established a relationship with the Fitz-Henry’s.

When the Fitz-Henry’s decided to close their doors in 2005, they agreed to share their fantastic recipes for pates and dips with Herma. Judith Fitz-Henry was a godsend as she so generously demonstrated step-by-step how to create their prized dips and pates with us.

The Fitz-Henry’s recipes include…

Herma’s Chicken Liver Pâté – Savoury Cheddar Spread – Beer Cheddar Spread – Pesto Cream Cheese

How do we serve thee, let us count the ways.

Ever since Herma’s Signature Products have been in production (since 2005), we have received much feedback as to how the many dips and pâtés may be used. All pâtés and dips, however, are wonderful on their own served as an hors d’oeuvres or eaten as a snack with crackers, crostini or crusty bread.

Below are suggestions to inspire on how our exclusive products may be used with other foods.

Savoury Cheddar Spread

A wonderful blend of the finest Canadian Cheddar pureed with herbs and spices, Worcestershire and hot sauce!

Very versatile, Savoury Cheddar may be used in most any recipe that requires cheddar. For example, as I am writing, Herma is making us lovely omelettes using this delicious, cheddary spread.

Spicy Pimento

This spunky creation is for those that like a little spice in their life. Cathy once paired it with Spicy Crackers for sampling. The combination was a hit for those that love heat.

Herma’s Chevre

A mixture made with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh herbs.

This has been mentioned by customers as being wonderful tossed in pasta or stuffed in chicken breasts. One of Norah’s favorites for entertaining.

Herma’s Stilton Pâté

Our Stilton Pâté is made with a fine Stilton which is blended with brandy, butter and other happy ingredients.

Stilton lovers of the world unite. This will be wonderful on its own eaten with a pumpernickel round or the like. Also lovely dolloped on a juicy steak or hamburger.

Herma’s Chicken Liver Pâté

Our Chicken Liver Pâté is made with the finest chicken livers! Norah adds butter, onions, garlic, orange zest, and more.

Herma suggests pairing this hard-to-make delicacy with Heritier’s Onion & Raspberry Jelly.

Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds

Norah starts out with fresh goat cheese and then tops it with roasted red peppers, herbs, capers, and other spices.

This is our most beautiful hors d’oeuvre. Impressive at parties or any gathering. Eat plain with an Original 34 Degree Cracker or crostini. Don’t be afraid to add a little extra olive oil.


Cream cheese based and made with lemon zest, rosemary, olive oil, thyme and other good things.

Once called Tom & Herma’s, this product is now described for what it is – lemony and delicious. Refreshing and sweet, this dip is best eaten with a plain cracker.

Beer Cheddar Spread

Like the savoury cheddar this dip may be used in recipes calling for cheddar. In this case, you will use the beer cheese if you desire a slight beer flavour in your recipe. Beer Cheese is wonderful served with crackers at gatherings where a good craft beer is the drink of choice.

Cheddar Bacon Spread

This yummy spread has become a crowd favorite. We love this spread melted inside baked potatoes. It is also a great starter ingredient for the making of a delicious cheese ball.

Seafood Dazzler

Norah suggests using it as part of an English Tea in Sandwiches with slices of cucumber or stuffed in cherry tomatoes. We also think it is delicious with grilled shrimp (sliced) and placed in a toasted brioche roll.

Sundried Tomato Dip

This tasty dip is made with fresh sundried tomatoes and cream sauce. Tangy with a little bite, it is delicious with nachos or spicy crackers.

Q & A

What do you like best concerning the production of Herma’s Signature Products?

Creating something new is the fun part of the job. We try different recipes and see what kind of response we get.

What is the most challenging concern during production?

Anything made with fresh herbs is time consuming as they require washing and chopping. Herma’s Chevre with Olives, Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds, and Lemon-licious all require fresh herbs. I don’t mind the extra work, though, as using only the freshest ingredients is what makes our products so delicious.

Of course I do have to make special mention that cleaning the chicken livers for the Chicken Liver Pâté is everyone’s least favorite job. No pain, no gain. Right?

What would you like customers to know about your Signature Products?

I would like them to know that most products will last approximately two weeks in the cooler or fridge. Products are made fresh weekly, so what you purchase in our coolers is freshly made.

Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese, Stilton Pâté, and Spicy Pimento are all kept in freezers and will last for 6 months while frozen. If you would like a frozen container, be sure to ask someone at the cheese department and they will be happy to get it for you.

As you might have gathered, we are very proud of the production of our Signature Products which are exclusively sold at Herma’s. We welcome all who wish to enjoy these delectable hors d’oeuvres to visit us and purchase for fun entertaining and snacking at home. Bonne Appetite!