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Herma’s News – On the art of dining…

There is a difference between dining and eating. Dining is an art. When you eat to get most out of your meal, to please the palate, just as well as to satiate the appetite, that, my friend, is dining. – Yuan Mei

Dear Customers,

Fine dining at home with friends – one of life’s great pleasures. The music, the candles, the centerpiece, friendly conversation, and, oh, the delicious food. Whether dining at an elegant table all decked out and pretty inside your home, or at a beautiful table set up outdoors in the fresh air amongst flowers and trees – dining should be treated as though it is an art. At Herma’s we have what is needed to create a fine dining experience.

Here is just a little inspiration to get you started…

A Pre-Dinner Cheese Platter

We have always loved cheese platters filled with fruit, anti-pasti, charcuterie, crusty bread, crackers, and, of course, lots of interesting cheese. Let your guests nibble on lovely foods from a beautiful board before meal is served. Of course no one would want dinner after eating from this over-the-top, pre-dinner cheese platter. Wink! Wink!

Attractive Table Setting

Fine Dining, Herma’s Studio

An attractive table is so important. Pretty gifts for guests like the boxed chocolates above is a very hospitable gesture. Also notice that flowers are low enough so that guests can see one another across the table. Don’t forget to light the candles and dim the lights for intimate dining.

Herma’s Signature Products

Herma’s Signature Products, Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds

All of Herma’s Signature products are wonderful and enjoyed by all. Some of our favourite hors d’eouvres, as they are so visually pleasing and certain to be crowd-pleasers, are marinated goat cheese rounds, chicken liver pate and pesto cream cheese.

Recommended for your Dinner Party

Hilborn Pottery – NEW at Herma’s

Our Hillborn pottery consists of sculpted bowls with folds and twists that would look dramatically beautiful on a table while serving guests. Herma feels they would blend beautifully with the Sophie Conran dinner-ware. All pots are safe for food, drink, and may even be used in a microwave or dishwasher. Visit our Studio for complete selection.

Bake something that will create beautiful aroma.

Homemade bread or even some cookies baked just before guests arrive create a beautiful aroma with old world, cozy feel. My mother, who worked in real-estate, used this trick before showing a house to would-be-buyers. Take care of all the 5 senses when guests visit, including smell.

The Emile Henry Baguette Baker and Bread Cloche both are wonderful for creating and serving heavenly, fresh- baked bread. Of course they also create a heavenly aroma as well.

Our soft fibre napkins feel like cloth napkins!

We also suggest using our soft fibre napkins that feel like textile. Great for outdoor dining when you want to be a bit more formal, and indoors as well. May be found in the current issue of Food & Drink, pg. 22.

Food for Thought

Consider serving these delicious foods at your next dinner party. They may be found at Herma’s!

Marinated Flank Steak – Barbecue Chicken – NY Striploin Steak – Smoked Pork Chops – Pastas and Raviolis – Gourmet Pizza – Minestrone Soup – Fresh Green Pea Soup with a dollop of Crème Fraiche – Manhattan Clam Chowder – Potatoes of all kinds from the Village Kitchen – the Village Kitchen Meals – Manoucher Bread – & much, much, more

Village Grocer Weekly Special – 25% off Starting Thursday

Coq Au Vin-Rouge (850 grams, WAS $20.95 NOW $15.75) and Cream of Asparagus Soup (WAS $8.99 NOW $6.75)

Cheese Department

Cheese Special of the Week – Starting Thursday

25% off Kaamps Orignal

Made in the Netherlands for generations, this Dutch goat’s milk Gouda tastes of butterscotch and brown sugar with a pleasant grassy goaty finish. The flavour derives from the goat’s diet of green clover fields and the care with which the Kaamps family produces the cheese. Pair with cherry jam on a cheese board or as part of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Featured Cheeses

Back Forty’s Highland Blue – Smoked!

Highland Blue Smoked is a tangy, rich blue cheese from Mississippi Station, Ontario. It is created by hand in very small batches and then carefully tended-to and aged. This blue is full-flavoured, earthy and savoury with a fantastic smoked flavour and aroma. Great crumbled on steak or burger with your favorite stout.  Also pairs well with your favorite Port or Ale, all by itself on a cracker.

Dark Side of the Moo

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese from Woodstock, Ontario partnered up with local artisan craft brew producer Upper Thames Brewing Company to create an exciting new cheese called Dark Side of the Moo! This cow’s milk cheese has been soaked for three days in Dark Side Chocolate Stout and then aged for three months. Will be the talk of the town at any soiree!

Cake on your cheese platter?

Jesse Tree’s Fig & Almond Cake along with his Date & Walnut Cake from Spain is in our cheese boutique with our cheeses. Why are they located there, you may ask? Because the cakes are specifically created to pair with meats and cheeses on a cheese platter. They are even sold by the slice just as if they were a piece of cheese.

Deli Meats on Sale

30% off Beef Bresaola and Beef Carpaccio, located in the cheese boutique.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you are able to stop by Herma’s to stock up on all you need for a fun evening with friends.

Best Wishes!

Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts