New Canaan Farms – Products, How to Use and Pepper Bacon Cornbread Recipe

For 44 years New Canaan Farms has been handcrafting unique and much-loved products for your table, using an abundance of the freshest, top quality and natural ingredients from Texas including the pure water which is placed in every jar.

Products we carry and how to use…

CACTUS SANGRIA JELLY – The sparkle of Sangria, Spain’s famous fruity chilled wine, highlights our refreshing, mildly sweet cactus jelly.

EAST TEXAS BLUEBERRY JAM – Chock-full of juicy (and antioxidant-rich) blueberries, this delicious spread takes breakfast to a new level. Add it to your muffins to give them a splendid boost!

PEACH AMARETTO & PECAN JAM – Ripe peaches and pecans are simmered with natural Amaretto flavoring to make the perfect partner for croissants.

PEPPER BACON RELISH – Sweet bell peppers meet tender bits of bacon. Savor it with ham, scoop into halved pears with cottage cheese or slather it into any sandwich you like! Warning – this delicious relish is seriously addictive!

ROSE HIBISCUS JELLY – Beautifully light and sweet, this is perfect on buttered bread, scones or crepes. Also lovely spooned over ice cream or cake. It tastes every bit as gorgeous as it looks!

DEMON SALSA – Our hot new classic tomato salsa stars fiery ghost chiles. Almost off the Scoville heat unit chart, just a touch makes your dish light up.

PEDERNALES PICANTE SAUCE – A super popular choice, this tomato-based picante sauce is the classic topping for cream cheese.

TEXAS TANGO MANGO SALSA – A taste of the tropics, Texas-style, this spiced mango-tomato-bell pepper blend makes taste buds dance. A fabulous new take on salsa!

GULF COAST SHRIMP SAUCE – The perfect compliment for your freshly-boiled shrimp or grilled fish, our recipe includes pineapple, horseradish and jalapeño.

TEJAS GRILLING & BBQ SAUCE – We’ve blended adobo chipotle, pineapple juice and bacon with a tangy tomato base for bodacious burgers and brisket. A go-to BBQ sauce for any kind of grilling!

HILL COUNTRY STEAK SAUCE – This fabulous sauce is a great complement to all meats! Serve with your favorite cut of steak or use as a flavorful grilling sauce for pork or chicken.

COUNTRY APPLE BUTTER – Rich-tasting, dense and scented with cinnamon, this country favorite is superb with pecan-studded pancakes.

BLANCO RIVER APPLEKRAUT – Update your Reuben sandwich with our perky spiced apple-cabbage blend – a fresh new take on sauerkraut.

Amish Garden Dill Dip – If you love dill, this ones for you. Mix dry mix with olive oil for a great baste for fish or chicken. This idea is also great over plain pasta or rice.

Cajun Swamp Root Dip – A hot favorite with our customers, this mix owes its heat to to cayenne pepper and its great flavor to other typical Cajun seasonings. Blend with sour cream and mayo for a dip, mix with cream cheese and chopped beef and serve with chips, or use as a secret ingredient in your next batch of chili.

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Slow Cook Chicken with Salsa

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A box of cornbread mix
1/4 cup New Canaan Farms Pepper Bacon Jam
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cup green onions, sliced
2 pieces bacon, cooked and crumbled


  • Preheat oven to 400°F
  • Grease an 8″ square baking pan
  • Mix the cornbread according to package instructions
  • Gently warm the Pepper Bacon Relish, then add to the cornbread batter, along with the cheese, onions and bacon> Mix to combine
  • Bake according to cornbread directions, plus a little extra. Remove from the oven when the cornbread is golden brown and a toothpick comes out cleanly
  • Allow to cool a little before cutting into squares, but eat warm if you can!

Cream cheese or sour cream for a snack or appetizer
This cornbread is a great accompaniment to any meal

  • SERVES 6-8

Utopia’s Water

Utopia is blessed with the purest water in Texas. The water supply comes directly from fresh, spring fed and limestone-filtered water that feeds into the beautiful Sabinal river. We’re thrilled that the New Canaan Farms HQ is housed inside an old water plant that for thirty years bottled this water to share with the rest of Texas, and that this magical water is an essential part of every jam, salsa and sauce that we make.