Herma’s Christmas Message and Holiday Hours

Dear Customers,
I have had many conversations with people this past month about what we enjoy most about Christmas. For me, I believe spending time with friends and loved ones in the warm glow of lights, sharing good conversation over a lovely glass of Prosecco and a beautiful meal is best.

While enjoying each other’s company during the holiday is special, it is also important not to take gifts and delicious food for granted, especially while so many are going without this year. I sometimes find myself looking at a yummy jam, delicious piece of cheese or soft, fragrant cream as I am placing it on a shelf and I will think about all the dreams and planning that went into creating the item I’m holding – the first spark of an idea before it is shared with others, the financing involved, those that have overseen the actual creation of it and then the journey it takes to make it all the way to my store. It really makes me have more appreciation for each and every gift and piece of food that comes my way.

One can think the same about Herma’s Fine Foods. Those involved in making the dream of my store continue and bear fruit are the special people that work with me…Gordon, Janis, Margaret, Meredith and Taco. You are appreciated more than you know. Also, big thank you to those working part-time to help make things run smoothly – Geri, Janet, Monique, Cora Lee, Chrissy, Denise and Murray. And I especially want to mention my husband, Harry, who I am beyond grateful to have had and continue to have by my side through all the joys and tribulations that have occurred throughout the years. He is such an amazing partner and friend.

I’d like to close this letter with a poem that a gentleman poet, customer and friend, Wayne Schlepp, shared with me the Christmas of 2016. It was such a dear gesture. I sometimes enjoy taking a look at it every now and then and am now pleased to share it with you.

It goes as follows…

Where is a place with goods so grand? It’s Herma’s!

And food to cover every demand? It’s Herma’s!

And a richness well beyond all dreams? It’s Herma’s!

And a place where the light of friendship beams? It’s Herma’s!

Most important to me? A place where the light of friendship beams. I hope all of you feel that way when you come through our doors. I hope you all know that I consider you a friend and I am so grateful to you for supporting us through the years with your smiles, words of support and continued patronage.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I extend my sincerest wish that you enjoy the beauty of this holiday season. In other words, that you enjoy good food with your loved ones as you reflect on the year that has passed, all that lay ahead, along with the love and appreciation you feel for each of those that sit around your table.

Harry and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to come.


Herma Ender