Crafting Special Drinks with Cocktail Blends

Herma offers numerous drink mixes involving dried fruit, flowers, herbs and natural sugars that are ideal for the creation of special drinks. This allows you to become a superb bartender. Impress your friends and create beautiful memories with the likes of Vesper, Fuse & Sip, One Part, Gourmet du Village, Noble Mick’s and more.  

Vesper Craft Cocktails

Vesper has made a line up of sophisticated, deeply flavourful and enjoyable popular cocktails. Whether entertaining or relaxing – just mix with your favourite spirits, juices or hot/sparkling water for zero-proof recipes and get sipping!⁠ Vesper Cocktail mixes are made with fresh all-natural fruits and spices and are handcrafted and made in Toronto. They are sealed and stored in a reusable glass jar that can serve 16+ mixed drinks.


12 photos by Vesper Craft Cocktails

Fuse & Sip

All Natural Drink Infusions…these handcrafted drink infusions are made with 100% pure ingredients, free of additives or preservatives.

Fuse & Sip drinks include Electrolyte Infusion Kits, Toque Time Hot Toddy, Perfectly Peared,  Garden Party and Frose All Day.


Whether you made some ‘pour’ decisions last night or are ready to get your sweat on, we’ve got you covered with this thirst quenching electrolyte. This delicious infusion of cranberries, oranges, limes, pure sea salt, and organic cane sugar, will help kick-start your day.

Each package makes 3 x 1 L drink infusions.  

How to drink (some like it hot)…Add 1 teabag to 1 L boiling water, steep for 15 minutes & enjoy

How to drink (some like to play it cool)…Add 1 teabag to 1 L of water, chill for 8 hours in the fridge.

Infuse Toque Time Hot Toddy Kit with whisky, rum, cider or water.

Fuse Garden Party with gin, vodka, tequila or water.

Infuse Frose All Day with  rosé, white wine or water. 

How to make Fuse & Sips Cocktails/Mocktails

Fill · Empty package into a jar & add 12oz (1.5 cups) of your favourite alcohol or water.

Fuse · Seal it up & refrigerate. Fuse for 3 days for maximum flavour. Or for an instant infusion microwave for 3 minutes (check every 30 seconds to not boil). Let cool.

Sip · Shake and strain ingredients. Pour 1.5oz shots and top with 3-4oz sparkling water and ice.

Each box makes 8-10 drinks

14 photos by Fuse & Sip

1 pt Infusion Blend Cocktails

 (Individual Drink Choice, 1 Packet = 6+ Drinks)

All-natural 1pt Cocktail Infusion blends quickly infuse gourmet flavor into any spirit (or zero-proof) so you can skip the fussy recipes and sugary mixers for a simpler, tastier drink. Their products are all-natural. Although designed for spirits, if you are going for a no-alcohol alternative, we recommend infusing fresh, cold, filtered water.

No Muddle Mojito (above)

Bloody Simple (above)

Barrel Old-Fashioned (above)

1 pt Occasion Packs

Occasion packs involve 3 Drinks chosen for a specific occasion. One pack per drink, 6 drinks per pack = 18-24 drinks.

Occasion Packs include…Backyard BBQ, All Day Brunch and Garden Party

Backyard BBQ Occasion Pack (Spicy Paloma, Smokehouse Lemonade and Rossa Americano, above)

All-Day Brunch Occasion Pack (Bloody Simple, Rossa Mimosa and Lord Grey)

Garden Party Occasion Pack (Primavera, Garden Gimlet and Minted Martha)

Bartending Accessories by 1 pt

Infusing liquor with your own blend of flavors and aromatics is a fun and satisfying project.

1 pt Infusion Bottle

Bottle + Infusion Basket + Walnut-finish Cap

The Teroforma premium infusion set comes with a high-durability lab glass infusion bottle with walnut-finish cap that is capable of holding 375 ml of liquid. Inside the bottle sits a stainless-steel infusion basket ready to hold a single packet of any 1pt infusion blend.

Instructions…Simply add the infusion blend of your choice, fill the bottle with alcohol, and let the whole thing sit for two to six hours depending on how strong you want your infusion.

The set also includes a reusable, gold-finish, stainless steel tasting straw so you can monitor the progress of your infusions, a simple instruction guide, and some cocktail suggestions to start you off in the right direction. 

1 pt Bar Bottle Kit

Add your own bottle to offer while bartending. Create your own drink.

The Bar Bottle Kit is for the serious home bartender. It includes a 750ml bar-grade reusable spirits bottle with walnut stopper and 6 writable bottle labels, a funnel with built-in strainer for clean and efficient decanting, and a set of infusion tools (measuring spoon, zester, tasting jigger, drip stop pourer and cocktail booklet) to help make your latest creation the best you’ve ever had!

Gourmet du Village

Gourmet du Village Drink Mixes include…

Pineapple Coconut Mojito – Pink Strawberry Frose – Margarita and Citrus Salt – Cosmo – Bloody Mary – Paloma – Peach Sangria

Other mentionable drinks from other companies include Expresso Martini Mix and Orange Bitters.