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Dear Customers,

Herma has spent decades curating a selection of cookware, serving pieces, kitchen tools, crystal and barware she feels are ideal for those home chefs and bartenders who enjoy serving meals and entertaining at its best. She has also specially chosen crystal and pottery, that while functional, will add beauty to the home making Herma’s the perfect place to shop for wedding, anniversary and housewarming gifts. This winter we are excited to have the opportunity to offer a specially selected product at 50% off every two weeks. Be sure to look for this savings with each newsletter in order to enjoy great savings. 

Fun Facts about Kitchenware and Serving Pieces we carry…

Sophie Conran’s milky white, porcelain collection won the ELLE Decoration Award for Best in Kitchens. Please note that we are for an indefinite period of time offering our entire collection at 30% off. 

Epicurean kitchen accessories were born from a company that made eco-friendly skate parks. They found that the wood composite used in their skate ramps were extremely durable, non-porous, food safe and dishwasher safe. Everything you would want in a cutting board!

Made from Burgundy clay, Emile Henry from France has been creating beautiful cookware and serving pieces for six generations, since 1850.

Global Knives were crafted in the tradition of Japanese samurai swords – seamless, one-piece knives made from CROMOVA 18 steel. They have been precisely balanced and lightweight, for ease of movement and comfort while chopping. 

Winter Savings this Week

photos by Joseph Joseph

We are excited to offer 50% off Joseph Joseph’s Folio Cutting Boards. This will take place from now through Sunday, January 14th, while supply lasts.

Whether you are prepping fish, chicken, vegetables or meat, Joseph Joseph’s textured, colour-coded boards will have you organized and prepping hygienically. The colour-coded boards will allow you to be aware as to which board was used for what purpose. As we all know, for example, raw chicken and smelly fish should not touch other foods while being prepped. The boards are also easy to clean and fit nicely into a sleek, stainless-steel case that allows boards to remain clean and easy to reach while maximizing kitchen counter space. 

Also from Joseph Joseph at 50% off is a stainless-steel kitchen organizer with storage space for knives, cleaning brushes, dish soap and cutting board. 

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Featured Cheese – More Alpine fun!

When we think of winter fun with Alpine cheese, we most often think of Gruyère and Raclette. Below, however, are other amazing mountain cheeses that will also provide you with winter fun in the kitchen.

Vacherin Mont d’Or

Especially impressed to see this Vacherin cheese in our coolers as it is considered by some to be the Holy Grail of Cheese. This is an exquisite cheese with nuanced flavours, unique aromas and seductively silky texture. A rare treat! Get it while it lasts because we don’t expect it to remain on our shelves for long. Handmade in the Alps along the French and Swiss border with unpasteurized, high-fat milk content and aged in cellars to perfection, this beautiful cheese with strong, pungent aroma should be enjoyed simply by spooning onto a crusty piece of bread or heated in oven for a fondue-like treat. Expect a creamy, salty taste with a hint of nuttiness. Pair with a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Champagne. 


L’Etivaz is made essentially as Gruyère was one hundred years ago, made only when cows do their summer grazing in Alpine pastures filled with wildflowers and herbs. Also keeping with age old practices, this Alpine cheese is made in traditional copper cauldrons, and only over old-style, open wood fires. The result is a Gruyère cheese that is a bit creamier, less sharp yet exceptionally smooth and flavorful. A beautiful alternative to Gruyère if you would like to try something different. The rich flavours of l’Etivaz hold up well to cured meats or dry style salami and would be great for a stay-at-home picnic in your living room. Pair with Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Chablis or aged Port.


Morbier is a pressed French cheese named after the village of Morbier in the Jura Mountains. Its distinction comes from a symbolic layer of ash that runs through the middle representing the long-ago practice of separating morning and evening milk. This cow’s milk cheese has a mild, nutty flavour and a creamy texture. It is very nice by itself with fruit and a white Jura wine, Beaujolais or a Chablis, however, it also melts very well and is versatile in the kitchen. Much like the Alpine cheeses mentioned last week, when taking advantage of its great melting capabilities think…Croque Monsieur – Quiche – Raclette – Scalloped Potatoes – Poutine – Cheese Burger – Pizza.

Other Cheese of Special Mention

Our special kind of winter blues…Colsten Bassett Shropshire Blue (UK) – Tiger Blue (BC) – Saint Agur (France) – Roquefort Carles (France)

Cheese suggestions for game day…Irish Porter Cheese, Smoke Flavoured Applewood Cheddar, Coombe’s Castle Fiery Spice, Smoked Gouda and Herma’s Signature Beer Cheddar Spread

NEW at Herma’s

In our freezers…Olive Ciabatta Rolls – Black Pepper Buns – Butter Croissants

For snacking…Enercheez Crunchy Cheddar Bites – Picard’s Chocolate Covered Raisins and Chocolate Covered Crispy Potato Chip Peanuts – Feridies Honey Cheddar Snack Mix, Mixed Nuts and Cashews

Creme Fraiche D’Isigny

photo by Isigny Sainte-Mère

Norbert Constant, Master Cream-maker at the Isigny Sainte-Mère, likes to compare the centuries old practice of maturing cream to that of a fine wine in oak barrels or to the proving of a baker’s dough. Slow maturing in the traditional way allows Isigny PDO Cream to develop its distinctive flavour. The milk used to make Isigny Cream comes exclusively from a restricted area around Isigny-sur-Mer in the Cotentin and Bessin regions of France. With its ivory or pale yellow colour, characteristic of the rich pastures, and its firm, creamy texture, the qualities of Isigny PDO Crème Fraîche are recognized by gastronomic professionals the world over. Isigny PDO Cream is one of the only French creams to have been granted a Protected Designation of Origin label.

Also in our coolers are D’Isigny’s amazing French butters. 

That’s a Wrap!

A gift registry is as simple as allowing us to keep a wish list on file that friends and family may request to see when they shop at Herma’s. 

Why is our gift registry unique? 

Complimentary gift wrap will be offered to those purchasing gifts from your registry.  

Call Herma at 905-885-9250 to schedule a time to create your gift registry today.

We look forward to seeing you in coming days. Have a great weekend. 


Meredith Ender
Communications Coordinator
Herma’s Fine Foods