Herma’s is pleased to offer the wonderfully whimsical products from Wrendale Designs. Driven by a love of beautiful things and an eye for quality, Wrendale produces stylish, design-led stationery, kitchenware and home accessories based on illustrations by award-winning artist Hannah Dale. 

Hannah Dale began Wrendale Designs on a crowded kitchen table in Lincolnshire, England. Having a pretty eclectic background (studying art at school before studying Zoology at Cambridge University followed by five years as a stockbroker in London), she found herself married to a Lincolnshire farmer with a young baby and a desperation to find an outlet for her artistic roots. 

Inspired by the glorious Lincolnshire countryside and the outdoor life, Hannah started to paint hares; loving their expressive faces and wonderful personalities - other people agreed and they were an immediate success. Spurred on by this, she expanded her repertoire and began painting other animals - foxes, pheasants, geese, dogs, and hens.

It was then suggested to Hannah that she design some cards and decorative kitchenware... she hasn't looked back. Since then, the company has won five prestigious Henries awards and exports all over the world.