Savings at Herma's this weekend! May 23rd to May 26th

20% off Select Brands

  • Powder from Scotland
  • VOESH New York
  • Myra Bags
  • Baggallini
  • Jen & Co Handbags
  • Aunt Sarah’s Chocolates
  • Michel Design Work’s (Bath & Body Products in Honey Almond, Lavendar & Rosemary, Lemon & Basil)
  • Goldleaf (Bath & Body Products)

Savings in the Cheese Shop - This weekend!

Grana Padano – 20% off this Weekend

Grana Padano is a hard cow’s milk cheese that dates back to the year 1135 when it was made by monks in the Chiaravalle Abbey in the Po Valley of Northern Italy. The monks aged it over many months which resulted in its firm, grainy texture and unique flavour. Its popularity grew and it earned the name formaggio di grana (grana meaning grainy). Padano refers to the Po Valley from which it originates.

Grana Padano is lovely enjoyed on its own, however, it may be used in a number of ways when preparing food. It has great melting capabilities and may be incorporated into a rich, creamy sauce. It may also be grated over a bowl of pasta or salad. We love its nutty, savoury flavour and are happy to offer it, once again, in our Cheese Shop.

Herma’s Signature Stilton Pâté – 20% off this Weekend

Our Stilton Pâté is made with a fine Stilton which is blended with brandy, butter and other happy ingredients. It is wonderful on its own eaten with a pumpernickel round or dolloped on a juicy steak.

May 23rd to May 26th, While supply lasts.

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VISKI Cactus Crystal 50% off

Port Meirion's Sophie Conran 25% off

For an indefinite period of time all Sophie Conran dishware and serving pieces will be offered at 25% off. 

Various items are being offered at a discounted price on our for-sale cart. Look for signage.

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