50% off Twine Living Co. Luxury Picnic Basket

photo by Twine Living Co.

Limited quantity. While supply lasts.

Blue & White China Sale

50% off ALL blue & white china, plates and bowls - Spode, Mediterranean, Floral Melmac & more!

50% off ALL Bubbling Fountains...includes critters and bronze (colour)

Savings in the Cheese Shop

 20% off this weekend, July 11th to July 14th

Bellavitano Merlot Cow's Milk Cheese - Pepperoni Slices imported from Italy - Herma's Signature Goat Cheese Rounds

While supply lasts.

Port Meirion's Sophie Conran 25% off

For an indefinite period of time all Sophie Conran dishware and serving pieces will be offered at 25% off. 

Clearance Sale

Various items are being offered at 50% off and are located in our for-sale cart near the Cheese Shop and, for a limited time, in a large cabinet in the front portion of the store.

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