Uno de 50

Uno de 50 jewellery is regionally exclusive to Herma’s!

Uno de 50 is hip and original costume jewellery—mostly made from leather and a silver-plated tin alloy by Spanish designer Concha Díaz del Río.

The pieces are unique, cool and edgy, but not so far over the top as to be a cliché. They are fantastic statement pieces predominantly in silver, but they have recently added a gold line. 

Many of the pieces can be considered uni-sex in design.

The jewellery stands alone as wearable art. Many of thjavascript:tmm_advanced_wp_popup3.do_action(0);void(0);e pieces, in addition to leather components against the silver, have inlays of various stones or other materials like resin and glass.

The company started in the 1990s and is still headquartered in Madrid where all the design and manufacturing is still done.