Tiger Blue

Region: Okanagan region of British Columbia
Milk: cow
Texture: semi-firm

Located in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Poplar Grove Cheeses was once part of Poplar Grove Winery. Though the two are now separately owned, Poplar Grove Cheeses is still making great cheese in a stunning vineyard setting overlooking Penticton.

Combining the richness of Stilton and the buttery flavour of Roquefort, Tiger Blue is a very spicy cow’s milk blue with an intensity that may bee too much for the uninitiated, but possessing a spark and complexity cheese connoisseurs will admire.  At first taste, the Tiger lives up to its name – piquant, salty and powerful. But the initial spice is tamed by a creamy texture that mellows to a lingering savoury-sweetness. The pale gold cheese is streaked with deep, rich veining and encased in an edible, natural rind. Even if you don’t eat this cheese it just looks unbelievable on a cheese board.  Like a cool piece of marble.

This cheese will change over the seasons depending on the cow’s milk, it may be more creamy or it may be more crumbly. Winter milk reacts differently with the rennet than summer milk does, because of the cows’ changing diet. Tiger Blue made from winter milk retains more moisture in the curd, resulting in a creamier product, while the summer cheese will exhibit more crumble. This is a great reason to try artisanal cheeses all year round and experience firsthand how organic the process really is between nature, animal and cheese maker.

Tiger Blue is great on the cheeseboard, or served as an appetizer with fresh fruit. For an indulgent summer treat, place a slab of Tiger Blue on your grilled steak.