The Vintage Pizza Pie Co - The perfect wine and beer pairing!

The Vintage Pizza Pie Co - The perfect wine and beer pairing!

The Vintage Pizza Pie Co – The perfect wine and beer pairing!

The Vintage Pizza Pie Co. – A perfect pairing!

The Pizza

Locally made in Northumberland County by Richard and Isabelle, the vintage Pizza Pie Co.’s pizzas are classic Neapolitan pizzas made the old fashioned way, as they would have been done centuries ago with dough composed of only four ingredients (water, flour, salt and yeast).

Once the dough is created and the toppings are laid the pizzas are cooked in Richard and Isabelle’s wood-fired oven for 60 to 120 seconds creating a final product that is blistered but pliable, chewy yet delicate.

Pairing Neapolitan Pizza with Wine and Beer

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

Beer is sometimes seen as a classic go-to for pizza night, but there are many delightful wines that will work brilliantly with a range of toppings.

Wines like…

Barbera – Gamay – Prosecco – Sangiovese – Frappato – Fiano – Nero d’Avola – Lambrusco

Choosing the Wine

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

Due to the flavour characteristics of cheese and tomatoes, Sommeliers, wine enthusiasts, and vintners all agree that wine should be low in tannin, and medium-to-high in acidity to pair well with pizza.

Where a classic, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza is concerned think of a wine with good acidity and lots of bright fruit that will balance nicely against the acidity of the tomato.

Of course three out of five of the pizzas we offer from the Vintage Pizza Pie Co. are white pizzas with out a tomato base. Those pizzas would call for crisper wines with less acidity.

Choosing the Beer

Pilsner and lager-style beers can be good “all around” choices in case your pizza doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. They also work well with two ingredients that are common on pizzas – tomato sauce and cheese.

Five Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Pizzas – Found at Herma’s

1. Classic Margherita

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

San Marzano Milled Tomatoes – Basil – Buffalo Mozzarella

DRY ROSE – Rosé is light enough to support the delicate basil with slightly more punch than a white wine to compliment the acidity of the sauce. Rosé’s most common  flavors of strawberry, rose petals, honeydew melon and citrus zest all compliment the simplicity of Margherita.

LAMBRUSCO – We consider it the ultimate wine to pair with pizza. It is lively and fruity with hints of cherry, blackberry, rhubarb, and plum. It is then balanced with a slightly dry acidity that perfectly compliments a Margherita pizza.

This sparkling red wine from Italy gets us out of the box with bubbles that contrast the dough while also clearing our mouths of all the cheesy richness. Meanwhile its acidity level complements the tomato sauce, while the fruitiness balances the cheese.

Try a dry (secco) Lambrusco and serve chilled.

PILSENER – A German or Czech style pilsner is the way to go. The herbal punch from the hops will bring the basil to the forefront and the clean finish will allow the taste of cheese to last longer. A lager or wheat beer would also work so as not to overpower the simple flavours of this pizza.

2. The Carnivore

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

San Marzano Milled Tomatoes – Hungarian Salami – Prosciutto – Bacon – Bocconcini Mozzarella

CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Meat pizzas are rich and tasty and require a bold wine. Cabernet Sauvignon’s velvety taste stands up to all the flavour and fat of the meats while also elevating them to a higher level.

Keeping with the Italian theme of enjoying pizza, also try considering the Italian Sangiovese, Nebbiolo or Chianti. All would make a perfect pairing for tomato based pizza with meat toppings.

BELGIAN STYLE WHEAT BEER – High carbonation is a nice contrast to the meat variations and it’s just boozy enough not to be overlooked amongst the meaty toppings.

3. Prosciutto Honey Truffle (white pizza)

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

Prosciutto – Parmesan – Romano – Ricotta – Mozzarella Honey – Truffle Oil – all on a Creamy Base

White pizzas change the nature of the pairing because the acidity of the tomato is no longer an issue. A dry white wine would do nicely. Also try to choose a wine that is not too acidic as to overpower the truffle oil.

CHARDONNAY – A way to play into the creaminess of this pizza is with Chardonnay. Cream-based pizza sauces elevate the natural creamy notes of Chardonnay. Chardonnay bring notes of lemon, pineapple, pear, peach, and passionfruit to your meal.

PROSECCO – This is our favourite choice for pizza as the combination is so refreshing. The bubbles also help cut through the doughiness of the pizza and act as a nice palate cleanser.

WITBIER – The high carbonation of this beer will cut through the creaminess of the pizza with a light spicy finish.

4. Mushroom Parmesan (white pizza)

photo by the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

Wood Fired Mushrooms – Parmesan – Mozarella – all on a Creamy Base

BAROLO – With its similar woodsy, mushroom-like notes and the occasional aroma of white truffles, Barolo is the perfect pairing for pizzas with mushrooms. Do not expect a muscular, fruity bomb that is particularly acidic, but rather an earthy wine with hints of licorice and coffee.

PINOT NOIR – Pinot Noir supports the creaminess in two different ways. It’s a nuanced and oftentimes subtle red  that doesn’t overwhelm food. It also has its own herbaceous and earthy notes which pair nicely with mushrooms.

Also consider Champagne or Prosecco with this pizza as they pair well with mushrooms also.

5. White Dragon (white pizza) NOT IN STOCK

Bell Peppers – Wood-Fired Mushrooms – Spring Onion – Sharp Cheddar – Mozzarella – Basil – Pine Nut Pesto –  all on an Alfredo Base

SAUVIGNON BLANC – The fresher, crisper taste of this wine will pair perfectly with the subtleness of vegetables and mozzarella cheese.

Try a Pilsner, lager or wheat beer as they are lighter so as not to overpower the taste of bell peppers, basil, spring onion etc.

A newer pizza we carry from the Vintage Pizza Pie Co. is Bison Love. Pair it with a nice Merlot or a Pinot Noir. For beer we suggest a beer full of character – try something like an IPA, a strong lager, or a stout. By the way, the Vintage Pizza Pie Co.’s bison comes from the Thunder Ridge Bison Company.

You know best!

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer when pairing pizza with wine or beer. You know best what tastes good to you.

So easy to prepare!

Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Frozen Pizzas heat from frozen in just 5 to 8 minutes. Find in Herma’s freezers.