The Beauty of Brie – How to serve and what we have to offer.

The Beauty of Brie

Brie is the guilty pleasure of most party-goers and is so luscious that one might actually call it seductive. Below is a description of the beautiful bries we carry, how they may be eaten and what might be some fun complimentary foods that will make offering brie at your party something festive.

Brie is most often enjoyed cut into small wedges and eaten with plain bread or crackers. Many bries have that soft, runny texture that requires you to place brie on cheese board with knife for spreading on the bread or crackers.

It may also be very festive for guests when paired with fruits, nuts and other toppings. Brie also has a unique gooey deliciousness that can be melted into many different dishes for special treat. Let’s explore the beauty of brie.

Now at Herma’s…


Brie de Meaux – A celebrated Brie

With a history going back over one thousand two hundred years, this rich and creamy cheese charmed Charlemagne so much that he ordered to have it sent regularly to his castle.

In 1217, King Philippe-Auguste admired it so much that he sent two hundred rounds of Brie de Meaux to all the members of his court as New Year’s Gifts.

And in the 19th century, during the Congress of Vienna, a contest of cheese took place amongst diplomats in which 60 cheeses were tasted. Brie de Meaux won and was heralded King of Cheese. 

Le Roitelet Brie – For everyday!

An everyday brie that is both affordable and heavenly. The perfect choice to be used for an appetizer. Consider placing on crostini with cranberry preserves. Want to get fancy? top your brie and cranberry preserves off with a bits of toasted walnut and orange zest.

Chateau de Bourgogne – This triple-cream is beautiful to behold.

Beautiful, voluptuous and mouth-watering, you would think we were a man on the town eyeing a lovely lady. This is a cake-shaped, triple-cream cheese created in Burgundy and is worth celebrating all on its own. Spread on slice of baguette or cracker.

Saint Andre – A Slightly Salty Triple Threat!

This beautiful triple-cream from Normandy is rich and slightly salty with a decadent centre. Top this cheese with pine nuts, walnuts or caramel pecans or enjoy on its own with baguette or cracker.

Food Pairings

For festive fun with guests or to try something new, pair your brie with slightly acidic fruits like apples and pears both fresh and dried. Also try with unsalted candied walnuts, pecans and a little honey. Sweet and acidic preserves are wonderful with Brie as well such as cherries, mixed berries and figs.

Baking Brie

You may want to bake Brie in order to soften it and make it more spreadable. You may also want to add toppings before or after you heat brie in the oven. Toppings might include fruit preserves, honey and crumbled nuts. Consider making the Brie dippable by cutting the top of the rind from the cheese.
To bake brie, place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and pre-heat oven to 350 F. Bake brie for about 15 minutes or wait for Brie to soften and bubble a little. Never leave Brie in oven for too long. Watch closely.
At Herma’s we also carry brie bakers that are round dishes with lids especially made for baking brie.
Add to Recipes

Brie can also be used in mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese and spaghetti. Get creative!