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Hi Brad and Sarah,

It was good to meet with Brad on Friday—I came away feeling confident we would be a good fit working together to create your brand and market your business.

I’m providing some pricing that pertains to creating the essential elements of your company’s identity:

Business naming $300

Logo design $1600

Website Design $5,000 – $6500

Business Card Design $150

I expect you’ll find this pricing competitive. I work hands-on with all of these items, only outsourcing for stock photos as needed and possibly some coding on the website if the need arises. Considering your timeline, these things should be started as soon as possible.

The website quote also includes producing one or two short videos to provide an overview of the business and to introduce both of you as the business principals. The video would include a spiffy logo stinger and outro that could be used in future videos.

Of course there are a number of other items that will be required for your business launch and ongoing marketing. If you decide you want to work with me, we should meet to determine a strategy, timelines and budget for publicizing the launch: i.e.; press releases, grand opening, advertising, signage, social media activities, etc.

I want to acknowledge that I understand your vision for your company is to invite other professionals into your business to create a multi-disciplinary health and wellness centre. This broader perspective will figure prominently in creating your company’s identity and in turn a dynamic and professional identity will help draw the quality health practitioners you want in your team. At the same time it is important to continue to enhance your personal reputations and build the client base for your respective chiropractic practices,

From our conversation on Friday I was genuinely excited about the core values you see for this company. An ideology that is proactive rather than reactive, helping individuals become resilient and to thrive. It’s an encouraging mindset that can be reflected throughout your organization’s culture, identity and marketing which will effectively bring clients to your door.

I also like the simplicity and clarity of your tagline “Better health, better living, better world”. The notion of a better world or possibly better “community” may open up some opportunities worth considering for building your company’s profile. Peterborough is a nice size city where building a reputation through community involvement can go a long way. An effective social media presence is invaluable but other in-person opportunities can also be beneficial like on-campus info sessions, hosting a Chamber of Commerce event, CHEX appearances or sponsorships.

These community activities are worth a discussion, but first things first — lets get this thing named and launched!

best regards,

Barry Mortin