Saint Andre

Region: Normandy, France
Texture: Soft,  bloomy rind
Type of Milk: Pasteurized cow

St. Andre is a triple crème cows milk French cheese. It is arguably the most popular triple crème cheese in the world.  Deserving of its reputation as “the heavenly cheese,” St. André might have an angelic façade, but there is no doubt,that it’s actually straight-up sinful. Enchanting and celebratory, inside the downy rind you’ll find a rich center that adds up to 70% butterfat. Seventy percent: a magic number that tells you this is the cheese for an opulent life, an every day delight and decadence.

Crafted in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France, St. André is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, covered with a satiny, edible rind. Soft-ripened, the downy white outer layer offers a complex counterpoint to the wildly rich and silky center. As dense as pure butter and with the richest of flavours, the tongue-pleasing salty tang derives from the ocean air blowing through the paturages of the Normandy coast.

It is a soft ripened cheese, similar to Brie and Camembert, yet with a higher fat content and a richer, more buttery flavour.   Its rind is bright white and velvety in texture. Its interior is soft and creamy with a density similar to a cheesecake. Its flavour is rich and buttery with slight rustic undertones of mushrooms and grass.

This is a typical desert cheese due to its sweet, buttery flavour. St. Andre pairs with full-bodied or medium reds, fruity whites, light Champagne. Zinfandel, Beaujolais, Chianti, Chardonnay. One of the best pairings for Saint-Andre cheese is a wedge of simple French bread, or a plain cracker. The cheese also goes well with pears and ales, and some people enjoy it with dessert wine, allowing the cheese to temper the sweetness of the wine. Saint-Andre can also be enjoyed plain, although eating a palate cleanser like a cracker before moving on to another food is recommended.