Saint Agur

Country: France

Saint Agur (pronounced “Saint ah-GOOR”) is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk from the village of Monts du Velay, the mountainous Auvergne region of central France. Developed in 1988 by the cheese company Bongrain, it is made  from pasteurized cow’s milk enriched with cream, it contains 60 percent butterfat, which qualifies it as a double-cream. No wonder people like it.

The moist, rich, white cheese has characteristic olive green mold veins throughout and a smooth, creamy texture with a subtle mild spicy taste resembling a softer, and finer Roquefort in presentation and taste. Not as salty as more traditional blue cheese, its tangy and creamy nature are balanced so not to overpower with a sharp bite like a Stilton. Due to its double-cream nature, this cheese is easily spread and also melts well.

Many people who like blue cheeses don’t appreciate the intensely spicy, salty, piquant ones. Saint Agur is on the opposite end of the spectrum;  it is moist, creamy, mild and truly delicious.

Saint Agur is easy to recognize by its unusual octagonal shape. It is rindless and packaged in foil, a common practice that prevents further blueing.

Be sure to bring it fully to room temperature to appreciate its appealing texture. Saint Agur is a cheese to discover — its dreamy texture works beautifully with fresh fruit. Pour a dessert wine with it, perhaps a lesser Sauternes to keep with the French theme without spending too much…