Rocinante Goat Cheese with Rosemary

Region: La Mancha Region, Spain
Milk: goat
Texture: hard

Cabra al Romero is made with 100% pasteurised Murcian Goat’s milk by Dom Lorenzo, of the Ruffino Dairy in the Spanish region of Murcia. This is the dairy in La Mancha, Spain that also makes the famous Manchego cheese. The Cabra al Romero is coated with rosemary, imparting a gentle herbal aroma throughout the cheese.

It's a cheese of an extraordinary bouquet and unique creaminess. The Cabra al Romero is aged for a minimum of three months. The rosemary is left to flavour the rind, and permeate the cheese with its aromatics and subtle flavor. In the final days of aging, the cheese is brushed clean of mold and is rubbed with rosemary again.

Enjoy it with a light, fruity red such as a Merlot.