Peau Rouge

Region: Montérégie, Quebec
Milk: Pasteurized cow’s milk
Texture: Semi-firm to firm, pressed cheese, natural washed rind

Peau Rouge is the inspiration of expert affineur Jean-Philippe Gosselin at Les Dépendances in St-Hubert, Que. Working with cheese maker Fritz Kaiser, Mr. Gosselin’s goal was to create an exceptional product by allowing a long ripening period to slowly coax peak flavours from this cheese. Peau Rouge gets its name from the natural, reddish-gold rind that the cheese develops while aging on red pine planks in Mr. Gosselin’s ripening room.

Though Peau Rouge is made from pasteurized milk, its complexity and full flavour begin with the quality of milk produced by the cows that graze in the fields of the south Montérégie in Quebec. Once formed, the wheels of cheese are turned and brine-washed for three months at Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, at which point they are sent to Les Dépendances for final maturing.
The Peau Rouge, features a semi-soft texture and a washed rind. This one-of-a-kind cheese will blow you away with a distinct aroma and flavour of grilled hazelnuts and aromas heightened with subtle notes of caramel.

The first time you taste this washed rind cheese, you’ll be won over by its rich, sweet and nutty flavour – and by just how luxuriously it dissolves in your mouth. Intense but not sharp, the savoury taste is balanced with fresh, fruity notes. By the time you reach for the last piece you will be ready to fight over the crumbs.

This one is great for the cheese board. Simply serve with seasonal fruit (apricots) and a glass of wine.