Newest Olive Oils at Herma’s – The ones to watch!

Chateau d’Estoublon – Couture White

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This fruity green olive oil from the Provence valley is a gentle oil, round with a unique fruitiness.

In the Baux Valley at the heart of Provence, Chateau d’Estoublon is located on the southern slopes of the Alpilles, where their orchards and vineyards reside. They harvest five different types of olives by hand from 212 acres of olive trees. They do this early from early November to mid-December.They press all of their oils from their own mill.

This particular olive oil is housed in a special edition bottle from the Couture Collection.

Masserie Di Sant’Eramo

The Nocellara cultivar, coming from a limited production of the Puglian territory, has a fresh balance on the palate, with persistent bitterness and spiciness, in harmony with the fruity notes. The nose opens with fresh, green, fruity aromas along with herbaceous hints. The oil is fruity with notes of freshly mown grass and green tomato.

Coratina is an extra virgin olive oil made in Italy with the Coratina variety of olives. It won a Gold Award at the 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition and is listed in the official index of the world’s best olive oils.

Masserie Di Sant’Eramo CORATINA & NOCELLARA Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil have been given the GOLD AWARD at NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition for the Best World’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2021 which was held on May 24, 2021.

AOVE Oleicola Jaen Gift Box

This gift box of extra virgin olive oils contains 4 Varieties described below.

Arbequina – It carries with it aromas of fruit porridge, very light bitterness and a rather intense itch typical of the Arbequins of Jaén. Ideal complement to sauces like mayonnaise, aioli, béchamel, etc. It is also highly recommended for meats and white fish, as well as for the preparation of desserts and biscuits.

Picual – It has an intense fruity, green leaf quality like that from tomatoes, banana peel, fennel, artichoke and bitter almond. It is an ideal with foods that include garlic, onion, pepper, fresh salads and baked blue fish. Also may be sprinkled as a final ingredient on red meats and traditional stews. Highly recommended in its use of desserts with citrus fruits like orange and especially for sweets with chocolate.

Frantoio – It is intense fruity, clean and fragrant. Base note of grassy flavors, artichoke and almond that’s mixed with the perfume of fresh green olive fruit, followed up by notes of apple and banana. Pour onto cold, warm or hot food. Salads, bread and oil, capriccios, vegetables, steamed, grilled, baked or roast fish or meat.

Hojiblanca – This olive takes its name from the white undersides of its leaves. It is also known as lucetina due to the metallic reflection given off by its leaves when they get hit by sunlight. The richness of their aroma of freshly cut grass and fresh fruit is perfect for enhancing the flavour of oily fish like salmon and tuna.

L’estornell Quincetenary Olive Oil

Olive trees can live for over a thousand years, and all over Spain there are trees of many varieties which were living and bearing fruit when Christopher Columbus set sail for America in 1492.

Avelino Veá, renowned Patron of the House of VEÁ and producer of L’Estornell and Lérida Veá olive oils, has searched for 500 year old trees to produce this superb extra-virgin oil. The age of the trees is authenticated by reference to local records and family-archives.

Avelino Veá is therefore offering a limited edition product which will be presented in hand-crafted glass ‘taberna’ decanters, of the kind used throughout Spain during Columbus’ lifetime. Each decanter comes complete with a glass stopper.

Every case, and every decanter, will be numbered. Each case contains six decanters, packed in individual gift boxes produced in Spain using Galician pine – a magnificent and unusual presentation fully worthy to celebrate the historic voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain to America 500 years ago.